Thursday, October 29, 2009

If You Give Colleen a Cookie

If you give Colleen a Cookie,

She's going to eat it and ask for another.

And another.

Because she is a Cookie Monster, and her Prince Charming makes the most delicious cookies ever.

Then she is going to feel guilty about all the sugar she just ingested.

And so she will eat some chocolate to make herself feel better.

After that chocolate, she will have woken up the craving center in her brain, and want to put inordinate amounts of food into her "mummy tummy".

So she will dine on mashed potatoes, pot roast, and carrots.

Then she will feel like a bloated pig ready for slaughter.

So she will go for a long run, about 7 or 8 miles.

When she comes home, she will feel tired and pretty good about burning all those calories.

So she will reward herself.

With a cookie.
(of course)


  1. Perfect! That is the way life should be lived:)

  2. So funny. This is my exact same story, minus the running. :0

  3. So cute! That is Ella's favorite story - EVER!


  4. LOL! You crack me up! Isn't that just how it goes though? I take my days one cookie at a time too... :)

    I just love those books!!

  5. hilarious! There are days when all i want to do is bake cookies and eat in order to NOT fulfill that fantasy I have kept baking soda, baking powder & all other "fun stuff" to bake cookies out of my house....depressing I know that I must resort to this due to lack of self control!! :-)

  6. Awesome! Totally been there. Except for the running part. LOL!!

    Thanks for leaving me a comment on my page, and welcome! I love new followers!

  7. You can just insert my name for Colleen, and that would work too. Though, without the 7 or 8 mile run. Maybe I'd reward myself for folding a load of laundry or something.

  8. and now... i really, really, really wanna a cookie!!

  9. Haha! That was funny! I love cookies too!


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