Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hi Lo: October 9th


1) Happy Birthday to both my sister-in-law, Larisa.....and Maggie's Godfather, Fr. Dave today!! We love you both :)
2) Andrew had a great 5th birthday on Sunday. He wanted to go to Friendly's restaurant, eat dinner and ice cream and have the waitress sing to him - so that's exactly what we did! He was a little embarrassed by the singing, it was sweet.

He got a new Wii game from us (Wii Resort) which he was very excited about. He also would like to thank:

~Auntie Maura for the Joke Book and Writing Book

~Auntie Sue for the cookies

~Gammy & Grandpa for the fleece pajamas and cool books

~Miss Laura & Pedro for the puzzle/pattern/wooden block game

~Nana & Gramps for the Pirate Sticker set

~Mr. Sean for the hardcover book

3) Maggie has been such a pleasure lately. She is my little helper, makes her brothers laugh, and loves babies, especially her boyfriend, Robby:

4) Still having beautiful fall weather in New England, and loving it!


1) Weight Watchers is making me think about food all the time!! I am learning better portion sizes, but I am constantly hungry :(
However, I do feel thinner already :)
What were your highs and lows this week?


  1. those pictures are great. i love the balloons one

  2. Oh my gosh!! I love that pic!! Thanks for taking it, it's priceless! That will be great for their rehearsal dinner!! lol! pressure

  3. great pics! your kiddos are so cute! I love the one of you little girl hugging the little boy!

    I fixed the recipe link for the artichoke/spinach lasagna. and to make it more WW friendly you can add Fat free mozz. cheese ( I would have but my retarded walmart stopped carrying it) have a great day!

  4. Great pictures. Can I have Andrews eyelashes?
    My HI: I have a free weekend. Free right now that is.
    My Lo: Lo and Coach will be out of town. Again. :(


    What a JOYFUL looking birthday celebration!

    And are BEAUTIFUL!
    WW is NOT needed for already look amazing...with or without having had children!

  6. Hey Coleen, awesome picks of the kids! Geez little Maggie is seriously gonna give you a hard time I cant believe how gorgeous she is looking! Although I see she is already married off LOL. With weight watches dont stress so much plan your meals for the day, include loads of fruit and veg & salads and you'll see the kilos will just fall off!

  7. OMG Maggie is just gorgeous! She really jumps out in that van pic. Good luck with WW - I need to be better about it (and stop eating CHOCOLATE.) Maybe watching your numbers go down will motivate me.

  8. they are sooooo super cute!!!!

  9. First I'm thinking we need to get something in writing for that arranged marriage we've been cooking up...she is way too cute, and seems to be quite popular.
    Second, how is it that your son has such incredibly thick long eyelashes? How can he even see? Those are the most awesome set of lashes I have ever seen!


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