Sunday, October 11, 2009

Live it up, baby...

...because this is your last year in your twenties!

That's right, Phil turns 29 today! Isn't he just the most handsome thing you've ever seen?

Happy Birthday to my WONDERFUL husband and best friend! You have given me so much in my life, and are continuously helping me to strive for Heaven in the next life.

You are loved by everyone, but especially by me and our children. We just adore you and can't get enough!

Hope you have a great birthday, and we'll celebrate later :)


  1. I hope he does have a wonderful day and a fantastic year to come!!!
    When I turned 39 my husband reminded me that I was actually starting on my 40th really Phil is starting on his 30th. :) But it will be good anyway.

  2. Oh wow! You guys are so young yet. Happy Birthday Phil!! Have a wonderful birthday.
    Wow, Colleen, these last few weeks have been filled with bday's for your family. Enjoy the day celebrating hubby!

  3. Happy Birthday, Phil!! I only have one more year till the big 30 too, yikes!

  4. Happy Birthday - I hope you have a good one :)

  5. Happy Birthday Phil! I have to say - you guys are so lucky to have your children young - you'll still be young enough to have fun when they're all out of the house! :) We'll be eating early bird specials with our Sr. Citizen discounts.

  6. awww, happy birthday to him! you have a good looking family.

  7. Happy Birthday Phil!! Colleen hope celebrate later means dinner and wine ;-)


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