Monday, November 16, 2009

Deep Thoughts Again

Things that have popped in my head recently:

1) Did you know that you can tell the intended audience of a tv show by the commercials? If the tv show is directed at kids, there will be toy commercials, if it's main audience is young women, there will be commercials for feminine products, etc.

2) September, October, November, December all end with "ber", and "Brrrrr" that's when it gets cold here!

3) Babies don't stay babies for very long. How is my baby turning two in a couple weeks?

(Maggie on Thanksgiving last year)

4) Even though the days sometimes seem long, the years still fly by. How does that happen?

5) NFP keeps romance alive in a marriage. Really, it's like you get to date for a while and then have a honeymoon every month!! Who wants Christmas wouldn't be as special, right? Same goes for the period abstinence involved in NFP - it's worth the wait :)

6) Exercise makes life better in so many ways (Physical health, Mental health, Sleep better, Feel better, Live longer, etc). I am amazed when people who can do it choose not to.

7) Is it worth losing weight if you have to go buy all new clothes in a new size? This could get expensive!!

8) Why can't people say "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays"? I would have no problem saying "Happy Hanukkah" to a Jewish person, so why can't Christians say "Merry Christmas" to each other? That IS the holiday we are celebrating, right? Would you say "Happy Celebration" to someone on their birthday? No, you say what it is...Happy Birthday.

9) It just seems cruel that it takes a month to lose 5 pounds, and 3 days of unhealthy eating to gain it right back.

10) Can we make a pact to not put out Christmas decorations or play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving? Deal?


  1. I totally agree about the christmas decorations!! I host Thanksgiving and I can not imagine have christmas stuff out!

  2. Have to agree with you pretty much on all of if I could only get my exercising in gear...if only the baby were sleeping through the night!

  3. Ha! Yes, I've often thought all of those things! Especially the long days and years that fly by!

  4. Oh what deep thoughts for a Monday!
    SO agree Colleen!
    #4, yes, how does that happen??!!

    On the months..and then here in MN we can say that the months with 'uary' are the ones that make us 'wear-uary'. Ha. If you lived here, you'd get it!

    Again, #7 agree. I've had to do some size changes here (of which I am grateful) and yet now that I've done that I'm afraid I'll finally get pregnant. I mean that IS what I want...but now I just spent all the money on clothes that won't fit for a long time again....I guess worry is useless. I'll cross that bridge if I ever get to it again.

    Agree on "Merry Christmas"!! So annoying when you find more Happy Holidays decor around and then the Merry Christmas stuff is rare and looks cheesy. What is up with that too??!!

  5. #8 really peeves me.. and it makes me so sad too... you look at Christmas decorations, Christmas cards, stocking.. whatever... and everything is trying their hardest to go for Happy Holidays.. and that truly does make me sad.

  6. You're funny!

    Nor would it bother me to receive a Happy Hannukah from a Jewish person. Why should I be offended? Maybe I would simply respond with a Merry Christmas and we could both be on our way, cheerful and grateful that a stranger thought enough to wish us his best.

    Wish I had time to say more: toddler climbing on me. I really should be playing with him anyway.

  7. Then comes Jan-ber-aury, Fe-ber-ary, March-ber, and sometimes April-ber! Oh how I love Easter!!!

    I can't imagine Easter in the southern hemisphere where it is autumn?!

  8. PS. I totally borrowed your format for my blog post today, thanks!

  9. So i guess you don't want to hear that Ryan and I are decorating for Christmas TONIGHT!

  10. I go to Goodwill or a local Thrift store for nearly new cloths. So much cheaper and the real find is when you get something you like that still has the tag on it. =)

  11. 8, 9 and took the words right out of my mouth!!! Christmas before Halloween, really?!? Great post!

  12. The pact has been talk of Christmas until after our Thanksgiving leftovers are gone !!!
    Maggie is so cute in that picture...well, in all pictures.
    Merry (early) Christmas!

  13. #2 - Come to North Carolina. It's 75 degrees here today!

    #4 - I ask myself this every day.

    #7 - It's a great excuse to go shopping! And it's a good motivator to keep the weight wouldn't want to waste all those new smaller clothes, now would you?

    #8 - I agree! I hate the whole politically correct "Happy Holidays" thing.

    #9 - I am thinking the same thing. I had relatives in town all weekend and it seems all we did was eat. I almost had a heart attack when I stepped on the scales this morning!

    #10 - Deal!

  14. here in Australia I don't think of the ber months as cold but they are when we can get lobster.

  15. I have been hearing Chirstmas songs since halloween. TOO EARLY!

    I have been on target or under weight for most of my life. In college I was seriously too thin. I don't gain that much per pregnancy and lose it all within 6 weeks usually afterwards BUT.... My problem has always been that I don't like to exercise. I don't understand how people can actually LIKE running and sweating. It is boring to me and I don't like to Now on the other hand I DO enjoy long walks in the park at a lesiurely pace. I could walk at a slow pace for miles and miles but run, NO. I enjoy exercise that is fun as a family like swimming at a pool or dancing but getting on a treadmill to simply sweat I don't understand at (don't hate

  16. Great thoughts, love the one on NFP!


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