Friday, November 13, 2009

Hi Lo: October 13th


1) Did any of you follow Baby Cate's heartbreaking story a while back? Well, now she has a new baby brother, Jacob William. Go check out the Cantrell Family here.

2) All the kids are healthy again, and so am I!!


When we were sick, I vowed that I would never send them to school, go to a public place, or go to the gym again....then reality set in and we just bought more Purell :)

3) The boys all got to go on a field trip yesterday to see Henry & Mudge at the local theater. They LOVED it! And Eamon loved the bus ride just as much as the show!

4) I went to get my eye exam this week, and my vision hasn't changed at all! Yippee! Even better, Phil looked at my glasses, bought some super glue, and they are almost back to new :)

5) Happy Birthday to Aunt Kelly & Aunt Erin this week. We love and miss you!

(This picture is from our Rehearsal Dinner, 7 and a half years ago. Erin has her eyes closed, and Kelly is to her right. They are gonna kill me for posting this picture!!)


1) I can't think of any! It was a great week!! Oh, well I guess it IS Friday the 13th, if that kind of thing creeps you out. Me, not so much.

What were your highs and lows this week?


  1. First, love the new changes/header on your blog! Nice work!!

    Henry and Mudge! How fun! My kids love those books. I bet it was a fun little show for the kids.

    Hope your glasses turn out as good as new. You'll def. save some $$. That's a great deal.

  2. You're funny. Every time my kids are sick, I swear we're all going to get a flu shot and never go out in public again, especially to the Children's Museum ... where we were yesterday.

    Have a GREAT weekend, Colleen!!

  3. So glad you are all healthy again and you vowed to NOT lock up your family inside. ;)
    Hi: great weather, no one is sick.
    Lo: business is as crappy as ever!!

    Those are our Hi's and Lo's for the week. Thanks for hosting Colleen!
    GREAT LIST! I LOOOVVVVE Henry and Mudge!!! I must call our nearest stage theater now to see if it is coming our way!!!! God bless the Martins!

  5. I gave birth to two of my precious babies on the 13th of the month, and we regularly had birthdays falling on Friday the 13th. Blessings abound - to me the 13th is a lucky day, Friday or no. (And so is the 11th, the 12th, and the 6th!)

  6. must have been a good week if there were no los.

  7. glad you had such am awesome week...

    have a great wkend!!!

  8. Darn can't believe I missed Henry and Mudge! I used to love those books!! That sounds like a great field trip! Oh I forgot to tell u, last time I wrote a comment on ur blog my word verification was "unpoop." Lol.

  9. How great is that that you don't have any lows?
    And, I know when I go the eye doctor the response will NOT be the same.
    I can't even see my own writing on the classroom board.
    I do NOT want to wear glasses 24/7.
    Vanity is a sin right?

  10. Looks like you have some great highs!!


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