Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Since I missed Gratituesday this week, I am going to tell you what I am thankful for today.

Remember those Baby Einstein DVD's that were aimed at the new moms with newborns, playing on their emotions and mom-guilt?

They made outrageous claims that if you sat your baby in front of the tv and turned on one of their DVD's, your child would grow up to be a genius.

A friend loaned me one, and I thought it was pretty crazy to watch, but the baby (number 3) at the time seemed to like the music, and it allowed me some time to clean up the kitchen.

Well now, makers of the Baby Einstein DVD's are admitting that having your baby watch one of their DVD's will NOT make them a genius.
No duh!
Seriously, I hope nobody really believed that claim!!

The part I am thankful for, is that they have issued a recall on any Baby Einstein DVD's you have laying around. You do not need the receipt, and you can get back $15.99, or some other coupons/Disney store incentives.

Get your Baby Einstein DVD Refund form here, and send back those useless movies. Instead you can read to your baby, play with your baby, cuddle with your baby, and love your baby....that's what matters in the end!
(I must admit, I do like their Little Einstein series for toddlers!)


  1. So funny that they are actually giving money back...unusual I mean.
    I agree, nothing is more important than reading, loving and talking with your kids..even as babies. This is why my kids are so smart, even though we had NO baby einstein when they were that small. :)

  2. I love the way you're changing the world by changing one diaper at a time - great!
    That's the way to go! ;)

  3. Oh, my husband is going to be loving this! Thanks for the info.

  4. thats money back? darn! I didn't buy any...I could use some money back from some other useless toys and videos though.

  5. I agree that I'm surprised they are refunding. I, too, hope no one seriously believed that sitting a baby in front of a tv would actually do any good! :)

  6. Glad they relaized their mistake and now are giving money back!! That is grat.

  7. my sisters kids ADORED these.. and actually now her youngest still watches them... but hey, as long as he likes them is all i say!!

  8. I'm also wondering why they're giving money back! I'm amazed! The videos don't hurt anything, I think. When I had 3 under 3, the only way I could get through a nursing session without a clogged toilet/kitchen mess/wrestling match was to pop in a Baby Einstein DVD. We watched together, oohed and aahed over the animals, and by the time the video was over, new baby was done nursing and we could move on to something else. Convenience in a DVD!

    Then, I'm not opposed to TV as much as many parents are; to me, it's a tool to be used for learning. We love PBS and love to get videos from the library because they have the Animal Planet videos, science, reading, and other stuff that helps the kids learn.

    Right now the boys are watching Dinosaur Train. The geologist in me melted when one of the characters said, "Cretaceous Interior Seaway," because that's one of my favorite parts of geologic history. After dinosaur train, the TV will go off, we'll get dressed and head to the chiropractor, and then to the park until lunch time. The TV won't come on again (at least for the kids) until tomorrow morning.

    Everything in moderation!

    Except shows that use technical words like Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Triassic ... Mmmmm. We need those in excess! ;)

  9. I hadn't heard about this refund. Very interesting and good for them actually. You never really hear of a company claiming responsibility for their false advertising. Thanks for sharing, I'll have to scour my house and see if I have any laying around.


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