Monday, December 21, 2009

After 7 long years...

...of boy toys, we finally have a dollhouse in our toy room! Although Maggie LOVES it, I think I may have been even more excited!!
We got her the Loving Family Dollhouse (comes with a family of four, and some tables and chairs) and she got the bathroom set from her friend, Robby. This has gotten played with everyday, and not just by Maggie. The boys love it too!

Here she is receiving the dollhouse on her birthday:
Eamon (beside her) shows her how to set up house:

Mommy with "pretty hair" gets a timeout in the bath (sounds luxurious!!):

Baby goes potty (it is a little annoying that they have society's view of a perfect family - one boy and one girl. We'll have to find more kids to add to this family):

Whoops, Maggie fell over in all the excitement:

Mom, stop taking pictures and come play with me!:
And play we did.


  1. I can't wait for Alexandra to be older for that too! Having a girl after 3 boys is so different!

  2. thats cute.

    we have the car that goes to that house for Sofia but she broke all the doors off it. we have the mommy doll and twin babies somehwere but our mommy has messy hair now.

    Sofia likes some girl things but I swear she prefers balls and cars like her brothers...its frustrating.

  3. aww, that is so cute! I bet you are loving having a little bit of girl stuff around. My hubs loves having boy toys around instead of dolls

  4. We just got rid of our doll houses. I am happy for Maggie and YOU. I love that boys enjoy these toys as well...they are learning how to nurture. :)

  5. Such fun! Can you believe we don't have a dollhouse? We've talked about it forever, but we have so many other girl toys, I don't know where we'd put it! :) Looks like you're *all* enjoying it!!!

  6. That's so sweet. We're just the opposite, really getting stocked up on Trucks and boy toys after all the girl stuff.

    That's cool that the boys can play with Maggie's stuff too!

  7. poor little baby looks stuck in the toilet... lol...

  8. Maggie is so cute playing with her dollhouse!! Growing up I looooved playing with the dollhouse with my sister. I'm sure Maggie will have hours of fun playing with it, with her brothers... but maybe you should think of trying to give her a sister for her birthday next year!? :o) Just an idea!

  9. That house is sooo sweet! Enjoy! Little girls are too much fun.


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