Friday, December 18, 2009

Hi Lo: December 18th


1) Phil and I had such a great time at the wedding we went to last weekend. I know this is mushy, but I just keep falling in love with him. I feel so blessed with the man God has chosen for me! We danced a lot, and were so excited when Brad Paisley's song, "Then" was played. It's such a great song...and of course we think it was written just for us :)

2) I do not feel stressed out this Christmas season at all. Maybe it's coming....

3) The kids handed out presents to their teachers. Between the clothes, earrings, slippers, and homemade chocolate chip cheesecake brownies, I think they made everyone happy!

4) We discovered we have ten extra tv channels we didn't know about!! We only have basic cable, about 20 channels. And we found that we have some HD channels, including (drum roll please) The Food Network!!!! I am beyond excited, and Phil is thrilled to have ESPN and ESPN2.

5) We received a Christmas card from our friends, The Slominski Family, that had a gorgeous image on it I have never seen. It is called "In the Hands of the Father":
Love how Joseph is taking care of the family, and letting mary get some rest. Just endearing!


1) We just recently had a lot of work done on Phil's van. Between all the mechanical stuff and 4 new tires, we spent just over $1000. Ouch!

2) Thursday was the boys Christmas Party for Jesus at their school, and because I was at work, I couldn't attend. I hate missing out on things like this because of work. I hope one day they will understand. I would totally quit if I could.

What were your ups and downs this week?
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  1. WOW! You have a LINKY! Thanks! That is SO GREAT!
    Your endearing love for your husband is SOOOO wonderful and I just LOVE reading about are an inspiration to wives everywhere!
    And I secretly hope and pray that you can quit your job one day too for I KNOW that there is a hidden "Homeschooling Mom" inside of you my friend!!!! BTW, I had SO much fun with the Honest Scrap Award...I posted it on ATWMOB...thanks again for including me!

  2. I love Food Network!! It must be an early Christmas gift to you. I discovered that Dish is giving us TWO Hallmark channels this season, which I love. Don't know how long they will last, but I'll take them (for free!) as long as I can.

    What a beautiful photo on that card..I haven't seen it before either.

    How exciting...a linky button...I'm hoping to join in a later today!

  3. we have 2 cars that need work bewteen the 2 of them it will be 900 bucks. the good part is both cars have been paid off years ago so we have no payments just upkeep but

  4. I also love that card! Your kids know you would do anything to be with them 24/7...and you do a great job as a working Mom!!!
    My hi's: Everyone is healthy this week.
    My Lo: I need another day before Saturday!!

  5. Happy for the Mr Linky . . . maybe I will try to get caught up with this next week. Thanks for the honest scrap award . . . I will try to get to it today!

  6. isn't it great to NOT be stressed at Christmas.. it's the greatest!!

    have a wonderful wkend!!!!

  7. That is a very beautiful and sweet picture!!

  8. I love that Christmas card too! So BEAUTIFUL! :D Thank you so much for sharing with us. I'm going to add it to my desk wallpaper. :)

    Wonderful you had good times and I wish you many more happy times. :D Have a blessed Christmas! :D

  9. Thanks so much for posting at my fiction blog! :D **hugs

    LOL!!! No. I'm not old but not too young either. I know most things by observation, experiences, and/or what my mother has taught me.

    Merry Christmas! :D

  10. Hi Colleen! I am glad everyone likes my Christmas card but the credit goes to Barton Cotton, the company I ordered it from. Their cards are gorgeous and reasonable and you can also personalize the inside. They have an amazing story that made me want to buy from them moreso this year than the other years I've ordered. I will send you an email regarding their financial story. Merry Christmas!


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