Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sometimes I Get in Trouble for Being So Honest...

....and sometimes I get rewarded for it!
Jen at Harried Mom of Four passed along this lovely award to me:

In order to accept this, I am to list 10 honest things about myself and then pass it along to 7 fellow bloggers. So here we go:

1) I am scared of the dark, and trying to sleep without Phil in the house, well it's near impossible!

2) Even though I have cut out a lot of foods in order to eat healthier...I will NEVER give up my coffee with extra cream and 2 splendas.

3) I always wanted to be the fourth member of Destiny's Child, and even came up with a stage name for myself: Colleeniqua.

4) I was disappointed that my third baby was a boy. I know that's a horrible thing for a mom to say, but I'm nothing if not honest. I was super excited when baby #4 turned out to be a girl!!

5) When I got married, I wanted to have 12 kids. After the first baby, I wanted to have 8 kids. After my second baby, I wanted 6....and I think I'm still holding strong at that number. Although my four babes keep me busy!

6) If we had the money, I would totally adopt a baby girl from China. That would be perfect - a sister for Maggie, and a nice place to grow up for the baby girl, a place where girls are respected and treasured.

7) I love my husband more today than I did on the day we were married. He seriously gets cuter, nicer, holier, and funnier every year!

8) I love to shop, it's a problem when finances are limited. And I'm a gift giver, I just adore buying things for other people. Aaaaah, if only we had more moulah ;)

9) I'm really bad at keeping secrets, and I just found out an awesome secret that I am dying to share...but I won't!

10) I talk about, refer to, and love my bloggy friends as though they are my next door neighbors. Is that weird? Well then, guilty as charged!

So now to pass this along to 7 AMAZING people (Click on the picture to visit their blog!):

Thanks for the award, and thanks for playing!


  1. Congrats on the award! I love that you used people's photos, thats clever.

    I love to shop and give gifts and get myself in trouble with the budget all the time! What a wonderful thing it would be to adopt a girl from China, that would be one lucky baby.

  2. First! Wow thanks for the award and I love that you used pictures as links!

    ....and I am so glad I am not the only one referring to her bloggy friends in the real world! My Hubby was starting to think I was nuts. Now I can tell him it's not just me:)

  3. Ha! I do that with my bloggy friends, too! I'll say, "My friend Colleen," or "my friend Lerin," and by keeping up with one another, it really does feel like what simply boils down to a long distance friendship.

    I understand the feeling when you were hoping for a girl and got another boy! I was hoping for boys the first two times; I just didn't want to deal with the adolescent girl thing. BUT now that I have two, I'm eager to have this third little girl and I actually cried at the ultrasound when they finally determined that we're having a girl. On the other hand, I wouldn't trade my boys, even though I was relieved to be given a girl this time around. I'm grateful to have been given both. Am I talking myself in circles? Women with a baby in their uterus can't be trusted to make sense. ;)

  4. LOL all those made me chuckle a bit. I have a scrap award also that I never get around to posting I can't think of anything interesting to

    I would love to adopt a baby, any baby boy or girl from anywhere. I love the babies/kids I just hate being I guess I would probably pick Russia though just because other members of my family have adopted children from there and then they would feel more like they belonged if you kwim???

  5. Hooray for wanting six kids! Me too, I think we wanted 10 when we dated! I go around talking about Colleen as if I just saw you up on Main St. Then my husband is like "who?" and I say "you know, the ones with the new VW van!" And then he knows who I mean, lol!

  6. Dear Colleeniqua,
    I love that you are so honest and funny. These are the two best qualities in ANY person. And yes, I often talk about my blog friends like we just had lunch together!!

  7. Colleeniqua? HA! I love it. You should totally change your name ;) Other than wanting to be a member of Destiny's child, can't say I ever had those aspirations, I agree with every other one. Though I think if I could get my husband on board, and money weren't any issue, I'd still want 10 or 12 children. Can it be that I already have baby fever again???

    *My hubby thinks I'm strange for having blog friends too. He actually doesn't get the whole blog thing at all ;)

  8. great list.. and number 3- all i could do was laugh!!!

  9. you a bad secret keeper?? Well I can hardly believe that!?!??!!?

  10. Very cool! Thank you! I appreciate you reading my posts! Merry Christmas!

  11. Very cool idea! Thank you! I appreciate your comments. Thanks for reading!

  12. THANKS COLLEEN!!!! I'm so happy to be included in your bloggy-FUN!
    And I TOTALLY do the same thing with you bloggy friends...I'll say something you did (or wrote) and my husband will ask, "Who's that? Have I ever met her?" and I'll answer, "'cause neither have I...really." LOL
    Do you participate in Danielle Bean's Small Successes on Thursdays?
    ...'cause your #9 TRULY qualifies! LOL!

  13. Congrats on your honest award. You cracked me up with the Destiny's CHild comment. Can I call you Colleeniqua? LOL

  14. It was fun learning those things about you. Your Destiny Child's name cracked me up! I am always referring to my blogging friends too in real life and people are like -- what??

    Have a great week Colleen!


  15. CONGRATULATIONS!!! And thanks for sharing your honest facts with us. :)
    You could get the group Destiny's Child together and your chance to be the fabulous Colleeniqua. :P :D That sounds like fun.


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