Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Funny Kids, Future Giveaway, and True Love

Kids Say the Darndest Things:

(After getting home from a date with Phil)

Me: Did you guys have fun with the babysitter?

Andrew (5): Yes, but we learned a lot. I don't like learning.

Me: Then how are you going to grow up to be a smart adult?

Andrew: Well, we eat smartfood!

My 2 year blog anniversary is coming up this month, and I want to do a Giveaway. But I have no idea what to give away. It's not like I can make anything crafty. Maybe someone out there with an etsy shop or a crafty side can persuade me to give away one of their items.

Phil and I met ten years ago this month!
Here we are in Rome after dating for about a month (we met during our semester abroad in Austria). I was 20 and Phil was 19 - what was I thinking with those sunglasses?

We met when my roommate, Annie and I were heading out to a "disco" with some friends. We knocked on our friend's door, and Phil and Drew answered (they were Buddy's roommates).

Phil was wearing his pj's and brushing his teeth. I was all dressed up and ready to go live it up. Opposites attract!

After that initial meeting, he kept sitting near class, in the cafe, on the bus, on the train. We became fast friends, and love followed shortly after. I told Annie back when I was merely friends with Phil: "If I don't marry Phil, I'm going to marry someone exactly like him." I just knew he was the perfect one for me!

Ten years in love.....I think that calls for a vacation to Hawaii! Right, honey?


  1. I love your "love story!" Our oldest daughter called after only two weeks at university to tell me she had met the man she would marry. As any mother would...I told her she had 4 years and she didn't have to make up her mind yet. Well, twenty three years after that phone call they are still friends and happily married!!! Thanks be to God!!! Have a grand day!! Cathy

  2. You two were (are) so CUTE!! And might I say it...young! I think ten years of true love def. requires some type of vacation. Hawaii sounds perfect! :)

    Looking forward to your giveaway/anniversary!!

  3. Happy anniversary! I love the stories about how people started out!

  4. 10 yrs this month! go you guys!!!!

    and by the way.. i think you are TOTALLY ROCKIN' the sin glasses!!!

  5. I believe those shades were in style at the time! Love hearing about how people met!

    For a giveaway, you could also giveaway a book. I've done handmade items as well as books and cookbooks. Whatever it will be, I'm in!

  6. Aw, that picture is adorable!

    I love hearing how people met! Maybe I should put our story on my blog.. I've been slacking in posting lately..

    I have Etsy shops and am crafty, but I doubt you want to give away anything I make haha!

    Do you have any good books that you like and think others would? That would be a good idea.. Or something that you can get locally that those of us not on the East coast would enjoy?

  7. Yes, a vacation is in order! The story of how you met it so cute!

  8. Or at least another trip to Rome!!

  9. I adore your love sweet!!
    I agree with your son, learning is not always fun. (but it is necessary)
    I would not know what to give away either....happy bogoversary!!

  10. What a sweet picture of you & Phil. Yea for a date night. Wow 2 years of blogging that is awesome. I am almost there too. fun

  11. You guys are SO ADORABLE!
    YES...HAWAII...that would be under "GYNORMOUS family outing"...LOL!!!1


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