Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Top Ten: Happy Marriage Edition

I'm no expert, but here's some great marriage advice I've been given over the years:

1) A Happy Wife is a Happy Life.

2) (And for the husbands) A Happy Spouse is a Happy House. (I made that one up!)

3) A Sibling is the best "gift" you can give your children.

4) Focus on one another's happiness, not your own.

5) Love is a choice, not a feeling. So even if you're not feeling it, choose it.

6) Nobody can hear what you're not saying.

7) Make your spouse and children feel important, cherished, needed and wanted.

8) Have plenty of family outings. Yes, they may cost some money (but many don't), and yes, it may be difficult to go somewhere with everyone in tow, but do it. These times go fast and these memories are priceless.

9) Nobody ever lay on their deathbed wishing they worked more, had less children, and bought more "stuff". Don't fall into those traps.

10) Put God first! Everything else will follow.

What would you add?


  1. I love all your words of advice! I would add: Laughter..Must have laughter in the home.

  2. beautiful and wonderful list!!

    and by the way.. as to simon leaving american idol next year... i'm sad to say that i think i'm a total goner to the show by then.. if NOT before... it's just NOT what it used to be :(

  3. Thanks for these!

    I think another one could be not to go to bed angry at one another. (Steve and I's rule is not to get off the phone with one another if we're angry about something which is similar to this)

    Because you just never know when today's your last day. And you don't want that last memory to be of an argument.

  4. Thanks for the reminders.

    Number three is certainly a favorite of mine:)

  5. Love all of these. My dad would definitely agree with #8. Though we did a lot when I was growing up, he looks back now and wish we would've done even more. Kids grow so quickly, and once they get older, there are more commitments that can get in the way. I LOVE the gift of a sibling. I couldn't agree more!

  6. These are all great. I would say never go to bed angry either. I love number 5 So true.

  7. This is a great list. I am not sure if this is what you meant on #6, but I think it is so important to remember that your spouse cannot read your mind. If there is something you need/want from your spouse, say it.

  8. Love your rhyme! My grandma told me for a good marriage to never go to bed mad. But all the other ladies beat me to it...

  9. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!May I copy/paste/link to you on my Inspired by Others page of Daily Blessings?


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