Friday, January 15, 2010

Hi Lo: January 15th

1) Phil has started the first class for his second Master's degree (in Educational Administration this time). I'm so proud of him :)
2) It's going to be a high of 47 degrees here today! Break out the bathing suits and sunscreen!
3) My nephew, William Joseph was baptized on Saturday. I don't have any pictures because I was taking them for my sister. But he looked beautiful in his dress - ha!
4) My sister-in-law, Kelly is due today with her first child! I can't wait to hear whether I have a new nephew or niece!
5) I'm so glad that I can make my boys whole week just by giving them each 50 cents for the snack counter at school :)
1) Had a bad cold from Friday through Wed, right after the kids got over theirs (doesn't it always work that way?)
2) I have another cold sore, it's my second one in 3 weeks. I went to the doctor to get my swine flu vaccination, and he prescribed Valtrex for me. You know, the herpes it was very embarrassing to fill at the pharmacy. And I made Phil pick it up for me ;)


  1. hehe! i am laughing so hard about the valtrex thing... my mom has chronic shingles.. and whenever she gets stressed and has a breakout the doc gives her valtrex too.. once she tried to make me pick it up at the pharmacy.. but i totally refused, lol!!

    have a great wkend!!

  2. Hi Colleen, so how many neices and nephews do you/will you have total b/w your side and phils side? I feel like every time i read your blog there is another baby being born!!! wow, its soooo awesome! i love it! but i can't keep count...i'm going ot guess 22?

  3. I think its great you make Phil get your meds!! That is really funny!! Most people don't know that cold sores are a form of the herpes virus. Good luck on getting everything all done to buy your condo. So exciting for you all!

  4. Congrats on the new family additions! What blessings!

    We'll top out at around 30 degrees for the next few days...we'd get out the pool, but with all of the snow in the yard it may be hard to find a place for it. ha. :)

    Sorry about the cold sore. Mine flare up occasionally and for me it's one of THE WORST things I endure. Seriously, I am that vain. :) As preventative, I take L-lysine, which is just a vitamin and can be bought at Walmart or any drugstore. It's supposed to keep them away. For the most part it works for me, except when I've fallen off my vitamin wagon and then have added stress and another one flares up! I just take one a day.

  5. Cool, so do the kids go to the same school where Phil teaches?

  6. Lots of babies going on in your family..that is so much fun!!
    I laughed out loud about the RX. You are too much fun. Your husband is so great!!!

  7. It almost got that warm here today. I celebrated by wearing a jacket rather than a coat.

  8. Okay, so the truth is that it's just plain hard to zip the coat around my belly and 40 degrees is an excuse not to do it.


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