Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Top Ten

Our Ten Reasons for Buying the Condo We Currently Rent:

1) We wouldn't have to move (and after having moved 9 times in our marriage - we really don't want to!)

2) The interest rates are low

3) We would qualify for the $8000 first-time homebuyer credit

4) My parents are giving us a great deal (and it would be beneficial for them as well)

5) We just painted it last summer

6) We have been married for almost 8 years and have 4 kids, and think it's a step we sort of missed ;)

7) We wouldn't have to change our address on EVERYTHING (That is so frustrating!)

8) We would have an investment and could take out a line of equity if we ever needed

9) For about $300 more per month, we could be owning instead of renting and getting all the tax benefits that brings.

10) We like our house :)

So the paperwork is being drawn up as we speak....I'll keep you posted!!


  1. That's awesome, I'm so happy for you. Cross your fingers that the condo fees don't go up anytime soon! :)

  2. Sounds like 10 great reasons! Good luck!

  3. Great list of reasons!! Congrats!!

  4. Those are all GREAT reasons! And that would be SUPER if you could own the place you already love so much and have begun to make family memories in. Good luck with all the paperwork!

  5. I love that sign!

    I remember you posting about wanting to own your condo before, good luck with it, I'll keep you guys in my prayers!

  6. awesome!!! Congrats to your family.

  7. Oh good for you, I didn't know that you had decided to do that--moving is the WORST!! so atleast you'll avoid that pain!

  8. Hooray! Congratulations. May you not see any moving boxes for a long, long time!

  9. yay! so are you def buying it? thats so exciting! wow, that house is BIG!

  10. Awww, good for you! Owning is such fun, and woohoo for not having to move again!


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