Friday, January 22, 2010

Hi Lo: January 22nd


1) Scott Brown WON!!!!!!

2) We got a great interest rate on our mortgage! Today we are having the appraisal done, so we're very excited everything seems to be falling into place. The closing date is set for February 26th!

3) Got to go on a random date with Phil when a coupon for a free appetizer at one of our favorite restaurants showed up in my email. Love it when that happens!


1) We may have to exchange Maggie in for a 3 year old. She is killing me with her 2 year old temper tantrums lately. Girls are so much more DRAMA!!

(Don't be fooled by that sweet face!)

What are your ups and downs this week?



    YAY for hubby dates and FREE stuff!
    (((HUGS))) for two year old temper stuff

  2. yea.. but the little girls SURE do look cute!!!

    did you happen to see when katie couric spoke with scott? oh my, she made my blood pressure rise about 100 points!!! so, so rude.. be he ever so kindly put her in her place!

    have a fab wkend!!

  3. Aww but look at Maggie's sweet face!

    You can always send her to me for a year and then I'll send her back ;)

  4. That's great news on your interest rate!! Woo-hoo!

    And a random date? Even better. It's those little random moments of time that hubby and I take advantage of and cherish.

    Put her on a plane! I'll take Miss Maggie! Does she like snow? I'm sorry, I'm just a sucker for the blond hair and blue eyes. :)
    And yes, girls are MUCH more drama! And that's only the beginning! Good luck.

  5. High: Florian can scoot on his belly now. Just a little bit, so I have just a little more time before I'm REALLY in trouble!!!

    One low of the week was that I found my first grey hair! Tom has had grey hair ever since we met, he was 20 then!

  6. Yay for Scott Brown! I was at the gym when when I found out he won and gave a big shout, "YES!" which caused people to look, but didn't care cause HE WON!

    Drama is the reason I'm not ready for girl of my own yet. I really want another boy next. We'll see!

  7. Send her to Nana! (I used to regularly threaten Diana that I would exchange her for "a new little girl at the 'little girl' store. She wasn't fooled - "No, Mommy, there ISN'T a 'little girl store'!!" Ah, memories... It's been said before, but this too shall pass - enjoy every moment! Hugs to all of you.

  8. I agree - girls are way more dramatic and moody. Good thing she's so cute!

  9. I will trade you for Maggie!!! I only have 2 dogs, 3 cats, a snake and 2 lizards to trade you though.
    She'll get through it soon...promise.

  10. Yay for dates and good mortgage rates! :) And yes, girls are drama queens. I've got three of 'em ;)

  11. I am SO fooled, in spite of what you say, by that sweet face!
    We are still on for that arranged marriage, right?
    Patrick hasn't been so easy either!


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