Friday, January 8, 2010

Hi Lo: January 8th

1) A new year = a fresh start. This week, I got back to eating better and keeping up the house after the holidays.
2) I've been increasing my exercise lately. I used to go on long runs a couple days a week but since it's so cold/snowy/icy I've just been doing classes at the gym instead. Well, I don't want to lose my running skills, so I've been adding 2-3 miles of running on the treadmill before an hour long class. The classes are either kickboxing, kettlebell, or cardio/toning. I hope this will get my body into half-marathon shape by March.
3) My newest nephew, William, will be Baptized tomorrow!
4) Kids are over their colds, thanks be to God :)
5) Went to daily Mass three times this week!!
6) Maggie is really impressing me with her letters and numbers. She just turned 2, and can count to 29, knows a bunch of letters by sight, tells me how to spell her name, and is starting to ask what sounds the letters make. Now if only she was this enthusiastic about potty training!
1) Kids had colds earlier in the week. Sick kids = lack of sleep = miserable attitudes = grumpy Mom.
2) Lots of snow and cold weather around here.
3) Back into the early morning school/work routines....vacation is so nice, and too short!
What were your ups and downs of the week?

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  1. I started eating better this week too. ...and don't you love the peace of daily Mass?
    I do.

  2. Love your list...glad the kids are feeling better.
    My HI: everyone is healthy
    My LO: trying to figure out school for my youngest next year...we are being re-zoned and have tough choices to make that will impact her next 4 years!!!

  3. wow Maggie is smart! my oldest dd was like that too. She knews tons of letters and numbers and so many things by the time she turned 2. my boys---ahhhh No!. LOl.

    (shhhh...girls are smarter than boys imo.)

  4. Your physical strength and stamina is amazing Colleen!
    I messed up linking somehow so here's my link:
    When I went to link, my url was ALREADY THERE (??) but it was LAST week's HI/LO...then I clicked the blog hop thing and linked there but I think that was wrong too...sorry!

  5. WOW! is two and can count to 29... im totally impressed, thats really good!!

    and i soooo envy your dedication to exercise...

    have a lovely wkend!!!

  6. How fun - I didn't realize that you were doing a hi-lo linky party now. What a great idea!

    You are so inspirational with your working out. I am amazed. It's all I can do to get off the couch and do The Shred at night. I am having a hard time getting back in the routine. It was so nice to veg out over the holidays!


  7. highs: I started doing pilates with a video this week. Tom got his truck so I had my first successful outing with three kids in tow!
    lows: my right knee hurts a little, have to take it easy with that. I've been wanting to go to a daily Mass once a week, but where I live my only option is 6:45am that's a half hour away. But EWTN will have to do for now...

  8. All the same: the kids have had 3 days off of school this week due to snow/subzero temps. So that's HI and LO all at the same time! :)

  9. Wow, counting to 29 at age 2?! I think that is amazing!! I remember going to Sierra's Kindergarten round-up, and the teachers were touting that by the END of Kindergarten they hoped the kids could count to 25. I remember laughing at all of those guidelines, as Sierra had passed each one before even enrolling. But, 2, that is quite young! That was a long ramble ;) Glad y'all are feeling better and getting back into the groove!


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