Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Top Ten

Is it wrong to want a baby just so that I can:
1) Name him or her? (I love thinking of baby names!)
2) Put one of those baby tickers on my blog?
3) See what the baby would look like?
4) Not have to suck in my belly?
5) Have grandchild #20 for my parents?
6) Choose godparents?
7) Get a maternity leave from work?
8) Buy bunkbeds?
9) Smell that sweet warm newborn scent?
10) Give Maggie a sister (but there's no guarantees on that one)?
Maybe I ought to wait until I have some better reasons....


  1. I love those reasons! Do you really have to have any, after all? Isn't wanting a baby what we are all called to as mothers? Doesn't the church teach us that this is our very purpose in marriage?

    God bless you and your family! I love the new header-so cute!

  2. Nah, those are all really good reasons! Go for it! :)
    Funny, some of the same reasons are on my list, but then there are A LOT of others too. Can't tell you how often I have wished for the coveted pregnancy ticker on my blog too! LOL. Oh, the things.....

  3. Haha. Got babies on the mind do ya? =)

  4. I'm with you on all those reasons, especially picking names and not having to suck in anymore!

  5. All of those are perfectly valid reasons! Immediately after having Alex in September, I told my husband, "she needs a sister!"

  6. i think those are all good reasons.

    well you have at least a 50% chance of a I say go for it.

    Bunkbeds? we still don't have any nor ever did. I think they are least in my family my kids would be diving off the top all the time.

    name picking? I love names. i always have gone to name sites even when I wasn't pregnant and name imaginary Names are fun. unless that is you are married to my dh who says no to every name that exists...he only likes about 3 names in the entire world and we have already used them all.

    20 grandkids? WOW. now I would love to have that many grandkids...but my family? they are not pro kid. they are complaining that we are having 6.

    LOL sorry to ramble..but those are all good reasons for you. I think you should go for it.

  7. hehe! well if it were anyone else typing those reasons, their might be some issues... but hey, it's you... its allllll good, b/c you a good mama!!!

    p.s. - and oh how i feel your pain, a foot of snow, a high of 28... im afraid i might would be in agony... so i won't complain any more to you.. lol!!!

  8. Those are great reasons! I say try for #5! I love the smell of newborns too!

  9. I love those reasons as well! Even though I haven't experienced that yet.

    I say go for it! :D

  10. Ha! I think about #1 all the time too...and number 9.

  11. It's almost August!!! Ha ha, not really. I think that those are great reasons, although I think that you've already been working on names and well-duh, you;ve already picked an awesome

  12. I love it! Much more rewarding than a half-marathon!!! :) But seriously, I'm so proud of your exercise and running goals. That's keeping me going with my new workout routine! I really need to get back in shape before thinking about a new baby over here...

    20 Grandkids would be awesome. That will be a big celebration!

  13. These sound like great reasons!! I love babies and I could have 50 if only I could feed that many.

  14. You've been bit by the baby bug! I THINK I'm right there with you... but I'd only be on #2 and my parents only have 4 Grandkids, we have a LOT of catching up to do! Haha

    P.S. The Princess dolls Darby got for Christmas are from Disneyland! Would Maggie like some?

  15. The only reason you need is you don't feel 'finished' yet :) I, for example, knew in my heart I was finished - esp. since #4 was a (happy and well-loved) surprise that I am so grateful for every day. Sounds like you aren't there yet!

  16. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. That's what I started to feel like last summer. So I'm having a baby in 42 days. Careful, it's contagious!! ;)

  17. Reasons? We don't need no stinkin' reasons!


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