Thursday, June 10, 2010

Babies in Review

Phil and I got the chance to see Babies recently. I have been wanting to see it since I first heard about it long time ago, and it is currently playing in select theaters (we had to drive about 30 minutes). Here's the trailer if you're interested.

Long story short:


Short story long:

There were so many wonderful scenes from the first year of life of the four babies. It is amazing how differently we are all raised in various parts of the world, yet how similar we all are. For example, just watching all the babies getting cleaned - one gets in the shower with Dad, one gets a bath, one gets licked by her Mom, and one gets breast milk squirted in her face and then wiped down.

All of the moms in the movie breastfed their babies, but the African moms who don't even wear shirts are truly breastfeeding on demand. They are nursing babies and toddlers at the same time, and will simply bend over while walking to let their baby have a drink. It's really beautiful and reminds me of how God's plan is supposed to work....if we could all just spend all day with our babies and our shirts off ;)

There are a couple of gross instances, like when one baby poops on his mother's leg. And another baby gets a piece of what looks like cow intestine with a match in it to suck on as a pacifier - blech! Speaking of pooping, I was shocked to see how so many babies around the world don't wear diapers of any kind. They just go bottomless and pee and poop wherever. It must make potty training very easy, but my OCD personality could not handle that.

And the funny scenes - there are so many! A goat drinking out of the baby's bath water, the American baby eating a banana and handing her dad the skin, piece by piece, and each individual string until she finally eats it (my kids do this too!). The brothers and friends fighting with the babies, and the babies standing up for themselves. It's wonderful to see what happens before the baby breaks down and cries for Mom...they are pretty tough! The Mongolian baby was always very humorous, he stole Phil's heart. But the funniest scene for me involved the African baby sucking on her brothers belly button because she mistook it for a nipple :)

I think there is a great pro-life message in this movie as well because even though there are so many different families, economic situations, dangers, and struggles - these babies are all born and raised with love. It makes me rethink my "financial" reasons to use NFP to postpone our next child. Phil even was thinking about using the movie in his high school morality class until he realized there were "too many breasts for teenage boys". Ha!

Anyway, if you get a chance, go see it, or rent it when it comes out. But be forewarned, you might leave wanting to have another baby!!!


  1. Hi! Thanks for your kind words. I like being told I look like I weigh less than I actually do. I am 5'9" and rather muscular ...

  2. I have heard about the babies pooping just everywhere in other countries. I have a few relatives that have travelled all over the world and they have told me about that. I didn't know that either about lack of diapers in other countries until they told me their firsthand experiences.

  3. I can't remember where I saw the preview for this movie, but I really want to see it!

    But I didn't know that in some other countries they let their babies relieve themselves anywhere, I don't think I could handle that!

  4. heard someone else speaking of this.. would really like to check it out...

    but.. licking my baby clean.. i suppose if it were the ONLY way to get it done... but i'm just real funny and OCD like that... lol

  5. I saw this preview months ago and really want to see it! I haven't seen it playing anywhere near me, though. Hopefully it will come out on DVD soon! Thanks for the recap- it sounds like a wonderful movie!

  6. I've wanted to see that movie too! Now I know I must go! {Or most likely wait until I can rent it ;)}

    Thank you, btw, for such encouragement in my exercise goals. You are a sweet friend.


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