Monday, June 14, 2010

Andrew Graduates!

Andrew graduated from P-4 last week.
After 3 wonderful years in preschool, he is finally done. He is so excited to go to Kindergarten next year, and since he's already reading and doing math, he's more than ready.
Thank God I still have two more in preschool...I'm not ready for this growing up thing!
Andrew's girlfriend Abby started off the show by saying "Welcome to Our P-4 Celebration" and then Andrew told us to "Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!" and we sure did!!

Hand motions galore - these kids were good!

What would a preschool graduation be without the Pledge of Allegiance?

Andrew plays the role of the 4th Pumpkin like a pro ;)

Maggie enjoys the show in the comfort of her Princess pajamas!

Andrew's name is called... receive his diploma from Ms. Felix, the Principal.

Phew, preschool is officially OVER!

Andrew (right) and his buddy, Jacob are all smiles!

Andrew & his cousin Katie are both off to Kindergarten together!
And I know he'll do just fine :)


  1. Ah Colleen! This makes me want to cry. I wonder how I will ever be able to get through the first day of pre-school (coming in Sep) let alone graduation and going to Kindergarten!

    I love that they say the pledge!!

    I also really like your 13.1 button. I think on Sunday (or Monday) I'll have to add that one to my blog as well!

  2. Those pictures are great! Why oh why must children grow? It makes me so sad {and happy too that they're growing. It's confusing!} Makes me wish I could have babies forever :)

  3. I have one that will be in kindergarten in the fall too. Woo hoo for preschool graduates...but it is bitersweet.
    What a cutie.

  4. Congrats to Andrew!!!
    Love those eyes...such a looker.


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