Friday, August 27, 2010

Hi Lo: August 27th


1) Have you all tried these yet? Skinny Cow White Mint Truffle Bars. 100 Calories and so delicious!

2) GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic stores are having 30% off until August 29th. Get your coupon here.

3) With all the rain we've been having this week, we got a lot of cleaning and organizing accomplished. We cleaned our bedroom closet, the hall closet, the arts & crafts drawers, the Lego's, the food pantry, and the upstairs shelves in the play area. The older boys were great helpers, and all I promised was one gumball. They just adore gum.

4) Maggie is completely trained for peeing on the potty, that's the old news. The new news is that she actually pooped on the potty! But only twice, and then twice in her underwear, so that's fun.


1) This is our last week of summer because John-Paul and Phil start school on Monday.


We've had lots of rain this week, and the older boys were at camp, so they basically just watched movies all day :(

3) Phil had meetings all week for the beginning of school and CCD coming up. He had a meeting Monday night, Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, Thursday afternoon, Thursday night, and another one this Sunday night. Blech!

How was your week??


  1. Your son Andrew really looks like your hubby!

    Bummer on the rain...movies all not camp. Oh well. :(

    Yeah on getting your stuff all organized...doesn't that feel just awesome!

    Love your highs and lows! Well the posting of it that is. :)

    My week has been good...and interesting. :)

    Have a great weekend Colleen!

  2. 1. Have not tried, but oh yummy! I better find some of those ASAP.

    2. Got my email yesterday about the sale. Need to hit up ON for some maternity clothes I think. I do have a bday coming up...happy bday to me....of course, that's in two more months. Ha!

    4. Small successes, despite setbacks are still successes. Hooray for Maggie!! And for mom, no kids in diapers?! Better get that #5 soon :)

    This has actually been a quieter week here, but I'm still bustling about getting ready for school. Does it really start in a week and a half? I'm still thinking that it's July! Better get my teacher hat dusted off.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. My goodness... sounds like you guys have had quite a week! Busy, busy!

    Go Maggie! :)

    Yum... those mint truffle bars look good!

  4. Um, you had me at Skinny Cow White Chocolate Truffles . . . yeah.

    You've got some adorable kiddos, Colleen! :) Love that shot of the rain drops.

  5. Wow! All that help for just one gumball. I don't know if they'll be suckered for that one again. LOL =)

  6. sounds like a good but somewhat crazy week you had!

    my week.. it was good, but sooo glad it's friday!!!

    have a wonderful wkend!!!!!!!!!

  7. The problem with 100 calorie snacks is I usually eat like 3 of them.... thus defeating the purpose! Those do look delicious!

    I LOVE Maggie's hate- so cute!

  8. Aw, watching movies on rainy days isn't a Lo, is it? Some days doing nothing is just what the doctor ordered :) And I've looked at the Skinny Cow ice creams, but never tried them - now I will!

    I laughed at Maggie and the poop - 'so that's fun'. Been there! Sarah is DONE! YAY! and I will be working more with Jason when S starts preschool next week :) Hopefully he won't be a stubborn as she and William were.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Mine was okie dokie.
    I would clean for a gumball as well!!!

  10. So cute, I love the kids' smiles!!! The rain has actually been one of our high's of the week out here in farmland, though! :)

  11. Hi Colleen! :) Recently, the statue of Our Lady of Fatima from Portugal arrived for a visit to our church and gave parishioners a photo of her. I wanted to share it with you. :D They said that the statue has wept on her visits to other Catholic churches. This is the statue that was built after the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima to the 3 children, Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco. :) You can make copies too if you like. :)

    God bless! :D

    Pic link:


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