Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Littles

Eamon (age 3 1/2) and Maggie (age 2 1/2) have a complicated love/hate relationship. They are 14 months apart, and the closest thing to twins we hope to have! Since Maggie turned one, they have been about the same height, wore the same size clothing, and love to play together. But sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between fighting and playing with these two :)
They "share" cotton candy at the Family Day held at the boys camp:
Let the sugar rush begin:

Eamon catches Maggie:

Awwww, give me a hug:

A hug? No way, how about a punch?:

Maggie apologizes while Eamon strategizes:

Because two can play at that game:

Watch out, Eamon...Maggie has perfected the reverse-flip-double-loopy-dee-loop-throwdown:

I'm gonna get ya:

Told ya!:

Just another typical day at the Martin house. Sigh.


  1. Hahahaha! Actually, that reminds me a little of my older two. They can get along and play so well. Help each other out, and speak so kindly . . . and then, watch out! Ahhhh, siblings :)

  2. They are so cute, but I have to wonder, do you guys watch a lot of WWE? Maggie has got some moves! :)

  3. people must think they are twins! so cute. i'm going ot email you a picture. its just too good to wait for a blog post. you are going to LOVE it! here it comees...

  4. Great! I can't wait for my boys to be able to do all that together. =)

  5. lol
    i am laughing so hard.. they are so cute.. and some of the faces they both wore just totally tripped me out!!!

  6. Well captured while in action. Funny though for an outsideer. Oh dear, God bless your household Colleen!

  7. Hahaha! I literally LOL'd! I love the pictures!

  8. Sweet little kids!

    Gotta love siblings

  9. A punch? Ouch! Do they hit each other lightly like a friendly punch or a real hard hit?

    Thanks for posting over at my blog, Colleen. :) I enjoyed reading your comments. :D

  10. Your littles are so cute! My littles are 15 mo apart and 18 mo apart. People never know which ones are "twins". He he.

    Very sweet.

    I bet you also hear, "your hands are full!"

  11. hahahahaha.

    They remind me of Tom and Amelia when they were that age.

    Tom and Amelia are 16 months apart. When Amelia was about 2 and a half, many people thought they were twins. They were really good friends and still have a close relationship although they certainly have their fights like Eamon and Maggie.


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