Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

We celebrated big time this year!  On Friday night, the kid's school had a Trunk or Treat where there is a service at the church (John-Paul sang in the choir) followed by trick or treating in the parking lot (hence the "trunk").  I think it's a healthy way to celebrate the holiday...a little secular and a little holy :)

Today we had a birthday party for the October Birthday babies, then a Halloween Parade, and finally we went Trick or Treating at a couple neighborhood houses.  Tomorrow at school, they get to dress up as saints for All Saints Day.  Pictures of that will come, but for now, enjoy these spooky sights from today's festivities:

 John-Paul is a race car driver

 Eamon is Batman

 Firefighter Andrew

 I love my boys.

 And my Ballerina girl.

 I was supposed to be Jane Fonda circa 1985.  I even had a leotard to wear, but chickened out at the last minute.  I still look 80s-ish, right?
 After I put on all my 80's makeup...John-Paul said: Mom, you should look like that everyday!  You look good!  (I'm scared for what kind of girl he's going to bring home!)

 OK, my husband is awesome.  He put on this wig and hot pink (short!) shorts and a tank top to become Richard Simmons.  He would not let me take a picture of the outfit for fear of students finding it.  But, he definitely rocked it!

 Wilma Flinstone and Bam-Bam

 Two Beautiful Ballerinas, one willing to pose, and the other...not so much.

 My Goddaughter, Bridget was Pebbles.  She is wearing the medal from the 5K she ran earlier today, in which she placed 3rd for her age group (up to 12).  She just turned 8 years old!

 Fred and Wilma

 Snow White

 A baby lion

 The dollhouse is a favorite toy.

 What?!?  Two Batmansmen?
 Poor guy

 October Birthday Babies: Phil, Andrew, Megan, Brogan and Ryan

 Maggie will smile for cake

 My other Goddaughter, Abby as a fairy princess

 Waiting for the Parade to start

 Autumn in New England

 Just gorgeous scenery

Daddy's Little Girl :)


  1. I love all the costumes! You rocked the 80's! I can't believe you teased us with Phil and the pink shorts...that is a rip off. :)
    Have a great day!

  2. I LOVE that last picture!

  3. Great costumes! I finally went to a Halloween party and there was a girl dressed up like Jane Fonda too. I was actually a Magic 8 Ball :)


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