Friday, January 21, 2011

Hi Lo: First One in 2011!


1) I just bought two pairs of maternity pants from Old Navy.  You would think I would have enough maternity clothes by now, but I don't know where they all go.  Anyway, back to the new pants...they are a maternity size 4.  Yes, that's FOUR.  I've never been a size 4 in all my life!  I seriously went from a size 2 in eighth grade to a size 8 in ninth grade.  I might just have to stay pregnant forever so I can say I'm a size 4 :)

2) More snow! We woke up to check the school closings, and there was nothing for anyone in our family.  Phil got ready for work, and just as he was leaving the house, I found out my school was closed!  Ahhhh, a day to myself!  Then Phil left and came home a minute later after receiving word that his school was closed.  Yay, a date day!  Twenty minutes later, we learned the kid's school was closed!  So no alone time, no romantic time, but lots of family time!

3) I've been doing pretty good on my eating/exercising this pregnancy.  I would say about five days a week I am able to exercise, and eat healthy (Abs Diet style) and then the other two days, it all goes to pot and I eat whatever I want and try to be as inactive as possible :)

4) We have not had a sickness spread through our house yet this school year.  I probably just jinxed myself, but I am so grateful that everyone has been healthy and able to work/go to school like normal.


1) Like Abe Lincoln said "I can not tell a lie".  I have not been making up how big my baby bump is, no matter what you all think.  Here's proof:

2) Full moon behavior around home this week.  Argh.

3) I have been hearing too many cancer diagnoses in the past week.  Why can't we find a cure?  Could it be because we are killing the babies that were supposed to grow up to discover one?

What about you all?  What were your ups and downs this week?


  1. Size 4??!! I'd stay pregnant as long as possible with that too! I'm an 8 in ON maternity. I was pretty thrilled with that :)

    Hooray, a snow day for the family!! Enjoy! We will be enjoying frigid temps. We are currently at 20 degrees BELOW zero. BRRRR....

    The proof is in the bump...glad to see Baby Boo. You totally just made my day! :) As always, you look darling.

  2. Sweet no school!!

    Old Navy is clever with their maternity pants--I found I could wear a smaller too but after the baby was born-it didn't translate to the non-maternity size. I hope thats not the case for you.

    I guess I kind of wrote a hi-lo post last night ---->

  3. i love the picture commentary on christmas pics. why do you think i still have summer pics up? you reminded me i need to change that. maybe today.

  4. i'm so laughing over number 2... but oh well!! good family time like you said!!!

    have wonderful wkend!!!

  5. Your baby bump looks awesome!!!
    Have a great family day.

  6. You look adorable! Size 4 is way fun!

  7. Your bump is so cute! You look great!

    Good for you to be exercising and eating well! Two days not is way better than I could ever do! Kudos to you!

  8. Yes, but look at how small your bum is! All of my weight has gone to my bum. Well, not all of it, I also have a baby bump {a rather large one!}. Ah well.

  9. SIZE FOUR!??!? Wow, girl! You look AWESOME, too! I'm so happy for you!

  10. (In a quiet voice)

    Please be a girl, please be a girl, please be a girl....

  11. SO beautiful you and baby! And way to go to stick with good healthy habits 5 out of 7 days; I'm impressed! :-)

  12. I have some Old Navy size 2 maternity pants and I'm more in the 7-8 range. I think they must do that to give us a self esteem boost! Good idea, I think! :)

  13. Rock on with your Size 4 self!! I went from size 14 junior to size 8 young womens. I haven't seen an 8 since 1999. You look great! I'm sure I'm going to be in the same boat with the next!


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