Friday, July 8, 2011

In Denial

I don't know what is wrong with me, but it's like I am in complete denial that a baby is coming. 

I know I am nearing the end because I'm a tired, hot, and cranky mess, but I can't seem to get that whole nesting thing down.  This poor baby doesn't have anything set up yet.  We *just* got a bassinet and baby clothes from the shared family baby items.  We haven't put the baby car seat in the car yet, or packed for the hospital, or set up a space/room for the baby, or made plans for what to do with the kids when labor begins. 

We did meet with the midwife on Tuesday to go over the birth plan.  Hahahahahaha - planning for the birth, that joke gets me every time.  Basically I told her I want only Phil and her around (this ain't no party!), a quiet and dark room, the least amount of monitoring possible, access to the jacuzzi as soon as I get there, oxygen at transition, and the whole cocktail of pain meds AFTER the baby is born.  And I want someone to send a housecleaner to my house while I'm in the hospital recovering.  Is that too much to ask?  I told you I'm cranky....

I am still super nervous about the labor, and although we already love and desire this baby in our lives, I haven't been as excited about his/her arrival as I usually am. It wasn't until the moment the midwife mentioned how, because I'll be breastfeeding, that they would put the baby on my chest right after birth to nurse, that I got a rush of emotions of excitement.  It was like duh! I will be holding a brand new baby!  This pregnancy hasn't been for nothing...we are getting another child out of this in the end!  Sometimes I can be so dense ;)

So, we will continue to play the waiting game (impatiently), and I WILL get some nesting done this weekend, even if I have to fake it. 


  1. I'm 2 weeks ahead of you in pregnancy (and usually just a lurker here) and I felt the same way 2 weeks ago. Now that I'm just a week or so out (less maybe), I'm FINALLY starting to be excited! Cut yourself a little slack--you have a lot on your plate, and sometimes emotions don't act the way you want them to! (Just like kids. :)) Prayers!

  2. You are winding down to baby time! We didn't put the carseat in until we left for the hospital lol.

    I truly hope you get the birth you hope for.

  3. I can only imagine that after going through this many could be 'predictable'? But not really. You know..... each baby is such a wonderful blessing!
    I hope it all goes well...smoothly for all of you.
    Hoping you get the housekeeper you deserve too.

  4. Oh, how I am right there with you on some of this. I have been nesting though, but with the help of family. But I've been so hot, cranky, tired, yet not able to sleep at night.

    I'll be 36 weeks on Tuesday. We're almost there!!

    ♥ Amber

  5. it is going to be great and you will get everything ready, and even if you don't, someone else will!

  6. You, cranky? I cannot even imagine that!! But then, who doesn't get that way at the end of a pregnancy lugging around the extra weight? Even if it is a precious blessing.

    Wish I lived closer. I'd be right over helping you prepare and set things up. It's one of my favorite things to do! :)

    Praying and thinking of you every day as baby's birth gets closer. Cannot wait to see little one and hear his/her name!

    Many {{hugs}} are being sent your way!

  7. sending prayers your way!

  8. I don't know about dense. It just really is hard to imagine, isn't it!?

    And I had to send Jeremy home from the hospital to tidy up the house with #4 AND #5 AND put the carseat in the car because I was too fat to do it 9 months pregnant. So there!

    Have you ever heard or read the Bill Cosby routine on labor? I'm smiling and giggling a little as I think of it. There's a chant that goes with it: Push it out, push it out, waaaaay out! Don't tell Phil that one; you don't really want a cheerleader after all. ;)


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