Monday, July 11, 2011

Nesting...Almost Complete!

After my pitiful post about not having anything done for the baby, God stepped in and shook things up, and we got to nesting! 

 I woke up on Saturday morning and lost my M.P. (I really don't want to type out what that is.  Either you're a mom and you know, or you are a not...and in that case, I don't want to be the one to teach you.  You're welcome, Fr. Dave!).  Phil and I got a little too excited that maybe this was the beginning of labor, since the only other time I knowingly lost it was with Andrew and he was born 24 hours later.  We packed our suitcase and the kid's suitcase (they will go to my mom's house), cleaned the house, put the baby car seat in the car, bought a dresser for the baby's clothes, got the bassinet set up (Maggie put a baby doll in there - so cute), and I paid bills/finished up any accounting work I had to do at home.

Anyhoo, Saturday was a hot day here and the big boys had their last baseball game of the season.  We all went, but after one full inning in the sun, I started to feel dizzy and sat in the air-conditioned car.  I was dizzy and nauseous all day long.  We went to Mass on Saturday evening, and I had to sit through some of the standing parts.  It cooled off a little and we had a priest-friend over for dinner (the baby's godfather-to-be!) and I started feeling better.  That night we read more of the Bradley book - and in one part describing the beginning of labor, a mother wrote about how she lost her M.P. TWO weeks before giving birth.  Ugh, this could take awhile.

Sunday I woke up feeling rested and went for a 5 mile walk and a swim in the afternoon.  I felt a little more pressure and crampy, but probably from all the activity.  It was such a nice and perfect day here weather-wise, and the thought of labor was the furthest thing from my mind.  For dinner I had scallops and onion rings, and went to bed around 9:30.  About 10:30 I woke up feeling sick and stayed awake for 4.5 hours wondering if the cramps I was feeling were the beginnings of anything.  I finally fell asleep, and today went for a 3 mile walk, and nada. 

I know I still have 20 days until my due date, and although I've always been early, I need to stop thinking about when the labor is going to start.  It's just that after Maggie's super fast labor, I am paranoid that we will not make it to the hospital in time, so I am reading into every sign instead of just letting my body naturally prepare itself for what's coming.  It doesn't help that Phil is being very supportive and calling me every few hours to see how I'm feeling...I know he thinks things are going to happen soon. 

I just heard about this baby on the news:
which is making me want to postpone labor for a little longer, so that's good ;)

Tonight, after the kid's track club (2 hours in the hot sun - can I make it?), I will sort through the baby clothes, and I think that will complete the nesting process.  Hope you're all hanging in there a little better than me!!


  1. You know, I thought after about three paragraphs I was reading the baby's birth story!! I hope it happens soon for you! Take care of yourself and stay cool!

  2. Well, your house is all ready now for the baby!!!!
    I can't believe you are walking 3 and 5 miles put me to shame.
    I thought that photo of the baby was perhaps yours.....ouch.
    He/She will be here soon.
    Take care, Suz

  3. Wow, you are going nonstop! You're almost there, yay!!! I completely understand the excited feeling about losing the mp and then finding out that a mom didn't give birth for two weeks after that. When I found out I was 4-5cm, I got so excited thinking that I would go into the hospital at any moment, then I heard a whole bunch of stories from people who'd walked around at 5cm dilated for weeks. The good news? I did go into labor the next day. I just know you are so close!!

    And uh yeah, 16 pound baby??? NO THANK YOU.

  4. I have no idea what MP is
    I looked here:

    And found out MP stands for a lot of things.

    I'm a mom.
    Oh, well...

    Remembering you in prayer, these last few (hopefully) days, God bless you!!

  5. "M.P." hilarious!
    I can't wait to see the newest Martin, and I'll keep you and your whole family in my prayers!

  6. keeping you in my prayers!!

  7. 3 mile walk? wow. i was lucky if i could walk at all at that stage.

    praying for you :)

  8. Take peace in knowing that God knows your baby's birth day down to the MINUTE that they come in to the world!

    And don't fret that big baby. I saw that too. My sister in law and I were saying that it isn't right moms who have GD and don't take care of themselves (resulting in HUGE babies) get media coverage. It isn't something to be proud of!

  9. so excited for you that you lost your m.p. and super jealous at the same time! way to get lots and lots done also!

  10. Nothing like losing your 'M.P.' to get things going in the nesting dept.!
    Even if it does take another week or so, now you're all ready for baby. Sweet!
    I'll amp up those prayers until you post the exciting arrival're just a thought and prayer away...blessings, dear friend.

  11. At least losing your MP got you in gear with getting ready! With my first, I lost mine at 35 weeks. I was two hours away from home, and my husband and I panicked that THIS WAS IT! If I had only known my son would not be born for 6 more weeks!!!!!

    Praying for you that the bambino has a safe arrival and you make it to the hospital. :)

    (And I have found that #5 is a fairly easy transition!)

  12. How exciting! I'll be praying for you and your little wonder!

    (I'm almost 33 weeks now, fully effaced, 1-2 cm dilated, with baby at station 1 and thanks be to God, I remain a gestating machine!)

    God bless.

  13. OW! OW! OW! OW! Sorry, I can't think of anything more intelligent to say. OW! Holy cow, it makes me thank Heaven for 7 pound babies. OW! OW!

    Can't wait to hear good news from you!


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