Friday, January 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) These are actually pictures from New Year's Day, when we went to a local ice cream restaurant and got a family-sized sundae with 12 scoops of ice cream. 

I only got to eat one peanut butter cup because someone...
...ahem, someone...wouldn't let me get my spoon in. 
That girl is just like her grandmother when it comes to ice cream!

2) Well, Xander has his first ear infection.  And it's a double whammy.  Looks like he'll be our fourth child to need ear tubes. 

3) Scenes from the weekend, where it was too cold to send the kids outside to play (like 12 degrees).  The boys love doing this:

And Maggie loves hamming it up for the camera:

4) I was forced by Phil went to a Women of Grace informational meeting this week, and it looks like a cool program.  We are new to our parish, which is thriving, and has lots of things to offer.  I guess better complete this program or I will remain a woman of disgrace.

5) So Mrs. Jennifer Fulwiler herself left a comment on my post yesterday.  How exciting is that?!?!?! 

6) We got snow last night!  Only an inch or two, but more is expected for tonight.  We are still at the exciting stage of the winter when snow is welcomed, soon we'll be cursing the white slippery stuff.

7) Have I confessed my love for these before?

I can literally eat the whole (big) bag, and was wicked excited to find out they come in individual bags. 

Yes, I know I have issues.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. A comment from Jennifer is a big deal! You're famous!

    And I love the DJ spin table. I couldn't figure it out, but I was hoping he was not inventing a breast pad dryer or something! ;)

    Happy weekend!

  2. The next time I see you, I'm going to give you a Tshirt that says on the front "Jen Fulwiler left a comment on my blog".
    And on the back it'll say "And Cari's jealous".
    And on the sleeve it'll say, "Colleen still hasn't fixed her email response settings on blogger"
    And on the other sleeve it'll say, "and she's doing it just to drive Cari insane".

    Really, it'll be more fashionable than it sounds in print.

  3. How exciting! You are famous! Who knew she actually had the time to read and comment on blogs!

    Enjoy your snow and your pita chips!

  4. MMMMmm.... ice cream restaurant... *insert Homer Simpson drool*

    That's awesome that Jen left you a comment! I remember when Kate Wicker first left me a comment and I about died of happiness!

    So those were supposed to be spin tables huh? I thought they were little Pope-type hats. :-)

  5. I'd be fighting for that ice cream! I am trying not to keep it in the house. sigh.

  6. blogger-comment envy!!! That is cool Famous Jen posted a hello to you.

    I am thankful to get ONE comment a day. For a country mom of five it is like a little social thang I need.

    I scream for ice cream!

  7. This is my first visit...over from Cari's blog. You have 4 boys and a girl- I have the opposite matching set :)

    Jen left you a comment! So awesome...

  8. Oops, I have crazy pregnancy brain mush. I think I totally messed up my last comment. I can't even remember what I wrote but I think I forgot how to count. Like....up to 4. Or 5. Holy cow. Forget I even said anything! *facepalm*


  9. You big lucky!!! Every time I watch Women of Grace I think it would be an awesome class. Keep us posted on your thoughts!

    I'm going back to read Jennifer's comment. I have to tell you about my recent brush with Cathoic fame sometime. :) I think I must be a dork.

  10. 4: my husband "forces" me to attend stuff too. yesterday, i told him that a parishioner had invited me to do something and he cut in with the words, "you're going" before i could tell him what we were going to do. we could have been going to pick up sailors at the dock and apparently i was going!

  11. those hurt my good tho.

    umm did they break anything? I had to confiscate our light sabers here


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