Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Mum!

My mum, Maggie, with my daughter, Maggie:

That's right, my mom's so awesome we named our only daughter after her :)

And you know what totally made my Mom's day today?  That the Feast of the Annunciation is being observed on her birthday.  Her actual birthday.  Can you imagine the delight?


  1. Happy birthday to Colleen's mum, from a bunch of folks in PA she doesn't know! (ain't the internet grand?!)

  2. She's beautiful, happy birthday and many blessings wished!

  3. Happy birthday. I'd pick my moms name too for one of girls but she hates her name and made me promise never to pick it. So I named my oldest after my gma.

    I saw that too about the annunciation this week and I got confused. Isn't usually a different day??

  4. Happy bday to the mum of one of my favorite bloggy buddies!! You've got to be one very special lady if you have Colleen for a daughter and my favorite little Miss Maggie for a granddaughter :) I hope she has a very wonderful day.


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