Monday, June 18, 2012

See That New Button Over Here ------------->

Thanks to Katie's inspiring post, I have signed up to lose a half marathon!

There are over 450 people signed up who want to lose a half-marathon (13.1 pounds) or a full marathon (26.2 pounds) between today and the end of the summer.  That's about 13 weeks, so for me the goal is just a pound a week all summer long. 

I hope this challenge will help keep me accountable, since nothing else is at the moment!! 

And I'm officially starting tomorrow because we have oodles of leftovers sitting in the fridge that aren't exactly diet friendly.

Gosh, I'm making excuses on Day One!  Sounds about right....

Anyway, if you want to join, go visit Run with Jess and sign up!  I look forward to seeing less of you :)


  1. Thanks forthe suggestion! It's on!

  2. I can't believe you need to lose any weight! YOU look amazing!

  3. Wait! Are you allowed to start if during the time you are def. going to have a baby, who most def. will take away 13.1 pounds? lol

  4. I'm hoping to lose approximately 7 lbs + water sometime very soon. Does that count???

  5. Okay, you talked me into it. I just signed up. (It was hard submitting my weight and not even have a pregnancy to blame! LoL.) Wish me luck. :-)


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