Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

I think God knows how busy we are.  It seems every time I bring this guy in for a well-baby check:

He ends up falling ill right before.  (Falling ill...who am I, Emily Bronte?)
It's so good for my schedule not to have to make two separate appointments.  Although, I do think our pediatrician is starting to get a little concerned that she never gets to see him being normal, happy self.
As for his 14 month stats:
28 pounds
32.5 inches
(apparently he's in the 98th percentile for both height and which I said "There's no way that 2% of the fourteen month olds out there are bigger than him.")

Here is Eamon's soccer team:

As soon as the coach met Eamon, he pronounced his name correctly, knew how to spell it, and said "I love a good Irish name".  I asked him if he was Irish, and he said "100%" to which I squealed "ME TOO!!!!!"  
We Irish are a proud people :)
Turns out that his grandparents are from the same county in Ireland (Donegal) as my Dad and my maternal grandparents.  Which means that I am second generation Irish and he is merely third generation Irish.  
So I win.
Hey, I told you we're a wee bit proud ;)

Shall we continue with the soccer pictures?  I heard a yes!
 Andrew's 8th birthday is next week (gosh, it seems Phil and I need to get a little more creative in our Christmas gift-giving.  You do the pregnancy math.)
Dinner request: "Eggs and biscuits and sausage and bacon.  What?  I like Sunday breakfast."
Cake request: "I want make your own ice cream sundaes instead.  With chocolate and coffee ice cream and tons of toppings."

It's a small world when your kids are involved in every sport imaginable.  Do you see Maggie's only female teammate?  Her mom and I used to bring these baby girls to Mommy and Me and became quite good friends.  Than I started working more and doing less mommy and me things and we sort of lost touch.  Now we are reunited on the soccer sidelines!

Which leads me to the following PSA:
Kids....they make good chick magnets for their mothers.

I am giving away a super awesome shirt!  Enter Here.  I know not every mom of many kids is a runner, and not every runner is a mom of many, but for those crazy Mother Runners out there - take a chance to win!

What do you think of the new tv shows?  Revolution is a little slow-moving and violent for me, Ben and Kate was cute, and The Mindy Project was funny but cuckoo.  I think we are getting too old to enjoy tv when so many of the jokes have to do with inappropriate immoral situations.  Old fuddy duddies we are.  How about you?

Here's a picture of my oldest four at somebody's birthday party which was incredible planned out and fun. I even met a mom of SIXTEEN there.  16 kids and she was still sane (and hilarious).

TGIF - everybody put on your froot loop necklaces!
  Have a superb weekend everyone!!


  1. 6: I'm a forensic show junkie so it's worked out fine for me. :)

  2. Your kids and coffee ice cream lol!

    And I'm still snickering over your Christmas gifts ;).

  3. Took me a while on the Christmas present comment! Funny! I love what Andrew wants for dinner and cake! So easy!!

  4. sounds like life is good. thanks for the update!

  5. Even though I know you don't have one, I am now reading your blog in an Irish accent. I can't help t, and it's awesome.
    Ditto with number 6, and kinda glad to hear someone else feels that way.

  6. 16 kids? Impressive. Truly.


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