Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Meatball

Eamon was given the nickname "Meatball" from his Uncle when he was a chubby round baby boy.  That meatball grew up and became a skinny little kid who turned the big 0-6 yesterday!

Let's get this party started!!!!

Birthday Dinner Request: Meatloaf

A watch from Gammy and Grandpa. 
Grandpa had to make new holes in the wristband because my little boy's wrists are so teeny.

Me: Eamon, do you feel older now?
Eamon: A little bit.  I know I'm definitely bigger though.  Andrew said so.
Me: Eamon, what do you want to be when you grow up, now that you're six?
Eamon: Maybe a teacher that teaches about God, or a priest, or an artist, or a fireman because I like to help people.

Here comes the cake...

He sees the exact cake he requested, and pure joy ensues:

Licking the frosting off of Stump Smash:

How old are you now, Eamon?
(Apparently the baby is ten)

Opening the family gifts:

He opened this and said, "Whoa a dollar??!!"

Then realized it was more, and couldn't contain his excitement!!! 
We don't normally give a cash gift, but he really wants one of these and they aren't available to buy until October.
Other favorite gift of the evening? 
The inexpensive pack of Pokemon cards I picked up on a Target trip. 

And just one more time for kicks:

After all the celebrating and before he went up to bed he said "You are the bestest bestest bestest Mommy in the whole world, and I love you so much, and this was my bestest birthday ever!"

Eamon, I hope you always stay so sweet and easy to please. 
 I love you, Meatball.


  1. oh my goodness. what a sweetheart!!!

    I'm going to read this to Sebastian ... he better follow the sweet path ... he is showing some nasty temperament signs lately.

    Happy Birthday Eamon!!

  2. Oh my GOODNESS, that is one cute kid! I think my favorite is his expression over the cake!

  3. Oh my GOODNESS, that is one cute kid! I think my favorite is his expression over the cake!

  4. Glad to hear you had a super-fantabulous birthday little meatball! :)

  5. How completely adorable he is. Happy birthday to him!

  6. I can totally hear him squeeling over his cake and the "dollar" x20. Love Love that kid. Hope I inspired some of those "when I grow up" inspirations. (though I think realistically, it might have been Daddy) Love the birthday Meatball!

  7. His smile just filled my heart with joy. May he always be as happy!!

  8. Ahahahah!!!! Laughing so stinkin' hard right now at his face with the $20 bucks. He is so cute, and I think you should mail me a piece of the cake :) yummy!!

  9. Holy cow HIS FACE%%%% imagine those are exclamation points. coffee spill broke my keyboard. and imagine parenthesis too

    He is so stinkin cute% That picture of his squeal from the money is so beyond adorable. you could sell that picture as an anti-depressant. it just makes you happy to look at

  10. Happy Birthday to the cute little guy! Love parties. He seems like such a happy kid.

  11. Too cute eamon!! Happy birthday little mr!!

  12. So sweet! Happy birthday meatball. :)

  13. I just love how thrilled he looks with everything! Happy Birthday to your little big man!

  14. He is such a sweet little meatball!!!! Happy birthday!

  15. Oh my gosh, what a sweetheart!


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