Friday, November 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) Guess what we're getting the kids for Christmas?
Meet Evie (I always wanted to name a daughter that!) who will be picked up Christmas Eve (see how the name fits?) and here on Christmas morning to surprise the kids.  This is our first real pet (because fish and dust bunnies aren't real pets).  If you know my kids in real life - DO NOT TELL THEM!!  Sorry I had to yell, but I want them to be completely surprised :)

2) We took the kids to see Wreck-it-Ralph which was cute but led me to start writing a whole post about good/evil that I may never publish since I can't quite articulate why this movie didn't sit well with me.

3) I bought some fresh fish the other day, and look at the receipt:
 They gave me a senior discount!  What the heck?  I'm hoping they thought I was a senior in college ;)  I was going to go back and tell them they had undercharged me when I realized I hadn't even bought haddock, I had purchased the less expensive cod.  So I was overcharged and insulted.  Boo.

4) John-Paul was feeling left out that he wasn't having some medical issues like his mom and decided to have abdomen pains right where his appendix is starting on Monday night.  

On Tuesday morning, I took him to the doctor who tested his urine in case it was an infection (it came back negative) and said he had no other symptoms of appendicitis but we would know when to bring him into the hospital because he would be doubled over in pain.  Wednesday came and he seemed fine.  Thursday morning he woke up feeling sick and vomited   He stayed with the baby's nanny all day and I'm home with him today.  He's back to feeling fine.  What gives?

5) A beautiful sunset on my afternoon walk Wednesday (it was only 4:20!!) 

6) From the "Why Do We Even Buy Toys?" Files:

7) I only need one more follower to get to 200 which seems huge to me, but I know is way less than all of the great bloggers that I love to read (and apparently everybody else does too).  

P.S. Don't forget to enter the is the last day!

Have a Decemberish Weekend Everybody!!


  1. So, I pretty much couldn't concentrate after #1. OMG CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!! Crazy Cat Lady is so excited for your fam! If she has claws, invest in a tall scratching post ($30 at Petsmart). Do it.

  2. The ending of 'Wreck it Ralph' didn't fit very well, it was very pushed. It was the typical movie arch, everyone lives except for the one really bad guy. Even the homeless game characters find meaning as well.

    But I went of to write this.

    "Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) is a useless 'glitch' in her arcade game, yet Ralph heroically puts his own life on the line to save a character that is unneeded and not wanted in her own game. In the end, the 'useless glitch' actually saves all of the other characters from the game. Vanellope also saves Ralph and his game, which was ready to have the plug pulled. Yet in real life, Silverman is not pro-life at all. She is pro-abortion, and uses it in her comedy along with rape jokes."

  3. Interesting about Wreck it Ralph - We have not seen it but most people seem to love it. I would be interested in hearing what you have to say about it.

    The cat is so cute!!

    You have been sick??? I missed that . . . have not been blog hopping too much. Hope you and John Paul are betetr!

  4. If I could follow you again, I would!!!

    Also, Sarah Silverman hurts my heart so much that I don't think I could watch that movie without squirming...

  5. Not to scare you...although i am sure i will..but I don't mean to. well, I was reading this book once about a boy who had a ruptured appendix and that is how it started. one day the boy was sick and then fine the next...but really it was a ruptured my point is it could be nothing or not. Its just hard to tell with young kids.

  6. Dwija, I feel the same way. I wasn't planning to go to the movies to see it and wait for the DVD, but my son's class was having a family night at the local movie theater so I went.

  7. So exciting about the kitten! What a tough secret to keep. I always wondered if you could arrange to buy pets in advance and then pick them up later closer to a holiday. Thats great that your able to do that! I hope John Paul's medical issues get figured out soon! Have a great weekend.

  8. I started following...but because I am a nerd...really have no clue what all that following means. So I dont do it.
    LOVE THAT KITTEN! Your kids will love having a real pet. Watch out for the toddler, mine doesnt seem to recognize the kittens are alive.
    hope your son feels better
    i hate medical stuff..scares me as a mama!

  9. Favorite part: So I was overcharged and insulted.
    I'm sorry for your crappy moment but I laughed out loud.

    Also, I know how you feel about the followers. My old blog has 185 and I so wanted to get to 200 for some dumb reason. When I switched to a new blog only 60 of those people followed me over! Oh well! It just makes me laugh.

  10. HOw did I not read this before your visit!? Your kids are going to go BALLISTIC! What a great gift! Xander, I laughed out loud at that video (twice). And as for followers, lets not discuss it. I write to hear myself it seems. But at least I write just to write and that keeps me from pride. I'm already proud enough! JP... wish I'd known that when I saw you. Would have asked about it. Love you all!

    ...and YOU are one good looking Senior!

  11. I love the name Evie too, we really liked Evee, but went with Ellee. :) You are such a fun mom!
    Ohmylaws, that movie is so cute!

  12. We're getting a kitty too!!! But we don't have one picked out yet. Jeremy just agreed the other night, which is a BIG deal because he really doesn't want any animals in the house. Cannot wait! Hope everyone feels perfectly perfect soon. I know all about stomach troubles, and it's no fun :( I'd follow you again for an even 200 if I could :)

  13. Evie what a sweet name! and nice gift too.. and I plan on following you so its me Ill make you 200 Congrats!!!

  14. Oh, you made it to 201!! My husband ( too) gets excited every time I have a new follower. It's so hard not to put too much thought into it...why is that person not following me? I wish that this friend would follow me... Why are they following privately? Are they ASHAMED of me??? Ahem. Or maybe that's just me.

    I love the kitty. She's so fluffy!! We did the same thing two years ago on Christmas morning and it was so fun. Except now. Now the Luke babe seems to think that the LITTER BOX is the most exciting item in the house. Hoping that stage is over with soon!!

    Hope you're all feeling better soon!!

  15. I'm so excited about Evie! Oh, and gift bags get me all giddy too. I hope John-Paul is feeling better. Oh, you had better rest up....I hear being a 'senior' is exhausting.
    Happy December to you and your family.


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