Friday, December 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1)  It's Friday!  12/21/12 and the world is still spinning!

2) It's almost Christmas....and I'm still trying to focus on the REAL reason for the season while managing the demands of shopping, cooking, cleaning, and making my family have a great holiday.

3) Phil and I went on a date to pick up Evie and bring her to the first vet appointment for testing and shots, and then drop her back off until Phil goes to pick her up for good on Christmas Eve.  She's in perfect health and the kids still don't know!!  
I love her already.

If you think a baby blanket in the carrier is spoiling her....
then I won't tell you about the heated cat bed I bought her.
Sweet Liz and her family got a new kitty too!

4)  After the vet (which cost us $122.00!!)  we went to eat dinner at a seafood restaurant where we had a 
2-for-1 coupon.
Apparently I eat like an 80 year old woman.
Fish and chips, coleslaw, and pickled beets.

5)  I have been a busy busy elf at work and home this past week.
Gifts for the faculty and staff.

Muddy Buddy gifts for our favorite coworkers!
You must make these if you haven't already.  Mmmmm!
John-Paul asked "Why would you use a Halloween picture on a Christmas gift?"
To which I responded "Shhhhhhhh"
6) On today's agenda - 3 dentist appointments, 1 allergist appointment, a Christmas party, and Phil's parents coming up to visit for the weekend.  Should be terrible, okay, festive and fun, respectively!
Random picture of our school's chapel decorated for Christmas

We sent out about 50 Christmas cards but only have received 30.  I think I need to start crossing some naughty people off my list...

...just kidding.
'Tis better to give than to receive!



  1. 1. Your Christmas card is super cute.
    2. I'm tired looking at all your gift bags. You must be seriously organized.
    3. I need to go take a nap now and my day hasn't even started.

  2. You know how moms will see a baby and then want to have another baby? Yeah, I'm totally that way with cats. Evie is making me want to give Buttercup a sister!!! Goodness, she is precious. Can't wait to see pictures of the kids loving on her (which means you need to remember Crazy Cat Lady over here and man the camera when Evie makes her debut)! :)

  3. Good morning, your sweet kitten... Christmas will be exciting in your home! Don't you love date night? We hardly ever have one, but when we do it looks like yours, minus the kitten part! : ) Love your Christmas card too! Have a wonderful weekend...

  4. that kitten looks good in your arms! you have been busy, that was a lot of bags of goodies! have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. I had a cat that looked just like that way back. So cute. Remember to put one of those 3M lint rollers in your stocking! :)

    WOW! You're organized! I think next year I'll try one of those mud mess things. FUN!

    Love the cartoons!

    Your church is beautiful!

    I love the Christmas card.....sweet!

  6. I'm thinking I'm gonna ignore those darn Mayans and I'm going with the 3 days darkness and the Warning. You read Childless, right? That's how I want it all to play out. You know, because my opinion matters. Those three days are gonna be rough, but if we last that reward is gonna be sweet!

    Cute kitty. Heck, I love her from way over here!

    Gee, wish we worked together. That Muddy Buddy mix is looking pretty yummy about now :)

    Enjoy the weekend with family. Such a precious time, albeit crazy busy.

    Hello, loved the card! Mine are all hanging on the kitchen cabinets so I can see all of the sweet faces. I smile every time I see yours.

    {hugs} bbf!!

  7. LOVE muddy buddy mix!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. Holy are super organized and what a giver YOU are.
    Love the kitten. Shhhh, don't tell my vet but my kitties do not have their shots yet. Probably because I see dollar signs.
    I am like that with cards also. I send one to all my relatives and get zippo. If I ever get a card from someone I always send them one back...always. I also give knowing I wont get from some people.

    OK biggest pet peeve evah...people who bring their christmas card to the family Christmas gathering and hand them out. I also got one on facebook this year. sorry but that is tacky.

  9. Uh... still waiting for a card ;) (I guess you are too... oops! If it helps, you're not the only one!)

    Such a great post. So glad we still get some time together. Those Myans, boy are they jokers!

    Can't wait to bring Ava to visit Evie. Ava and Evie. That just sounds cute.

  10. If I had your address I'd totally send you a card! We've only gotten like 10 so far! WTHeck? I think a lot of people just don't do them?? Or people don't like us. I don't know.

    And kitty is adorable. We've also never taken ours to the vet...shh...I don't even take my kids to the doctor so there we go. At least I'm consistent. Getting her at the SPCA she had all her whatever they do to thems. I hope you get some great pics when the kids see her!

  11. Oh gosh, Evie is just darling!! I'm allergic to cats, but I still love them. The kids are going to be so excited!

    And I just mailed your card yesterday . . . everything is moving in slow motion for me this year except time. That keeps flying by!

    PS: you are a gifting goddess . . . that pile is impressive! :)

  12. There is no way I can convey how awesome you and those gift bags are. I mean...special photos and ribbons on each thing???? We never even took a family photo for this entire year. Or last year. 2010! That was our year, man! Oy. Teach me your ways, oh wise one...

  13. $122 is actually pretty good for a vet trip. I have four cats so vet bills are joy to behold.

  14. I had bunches I wanted to write and then I saw the Muddy Buddies and now I need to go raid my pantry...


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