Sunday, December 23, 2012

What I Wore Sunday: Keeping it Real

So it's Christmas Eve eve, and my husband spent the night writhing in pain with body aches and chills and fever sweats.  He's got the flu, which means I am the flu widow because even though he's home, he basically has to lay around all day which of course makes me wish I was the sick one instead of him he will get well soon.

I did my part and met up with a friend in a parking lot who handed me some prescription Tamiflu that his wife had just used but still had some left.  Is it considered a drug deal if I didn't hand over any money?  No?  Good.

While he was taking said drugs and tylenol and eating toast and emergenC, I whipped up some spinach soup, thanks to Jen's last recipe post.  I called it Christmas Soup because it's green and 4 out of 5 kids ate it when bribed with a Hershey chocolate chaser.

The fifth kid can not be reached for comment because she is upstairs in bed and it's only 5:30 pm.  Yes, she was that indignant about not eating it.

Oh sure, she's all smiles and glee before she actually realized she had to eat it.

 And now it's time for What I Wore Sunday, with all the better dressed women participating over at Fine Linen and Purple.  I usually post a day late because I do actually dress up for work, but don't actually dress up for Sundays if we go to Mass on Saturday.  

But since you asked nicely, I will go ahead and show you how I was dressed all day after I ran and showered this morning.

Jealous much? 

Don't be.  You too can achieve this look by not wearing any makeup, not brushing your hair after the shower, wearing your Target footie pajamas like you're three years old, and smiling smugly at the camera sans teeth.

Merry Christmas Adam (get it, the day before Eve?  She taught me that one)!!

Now off you go...Ho ho ho!


  1. My husband had the flu, too Colleen! Yesterday! And now I am on Lysol patrol...opening the windows in 20 degree weather as if I can wisk the germs away... hope you all have a happy, cozy, healthy, and Blessed glad to have "met" you! : )

  2. I totally think about buying footie pj's every time I see them! If nothing else, they would be a great option for white baby days (phase 2?). :P

  3. Thanks for keepin' it real, girl. Look at you, rockin' the jammies with the footsies ;) I bet if Phil wasn't so sick....
    Well, never mind.

  4. Oh my gosh, I can't handle when my husband is sick! I always tell him I don't get how he gets to shut it down when he is sick, and I gotta keep going. I hope Phil gets better. Your what I wore are always my favorite :)

  5. You will never ever beat this edition of WIWS!
    Hope Phil feels better soon and that the rest of y'all stay healthy.

  6. Oh my gosh. You are hysterical, Colleen! Love it.

    Also, I am so sorry he's got the flu. It went through our house last week and it was the WORST. Prayers he's better before Tuesday!

  7. you are my light pink footie jammies. and if you figure out how to make your stubborn one eat the green soup, publish a book :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

  8. Now, that was funny.

    Except baby girl going to bed at 5:30--come on mom, it's greeeeeeeen. (just kidding, I think it looks good--but have a kid like this)

    Hope hubby is feeling better. And that no one else gets it.

    My 3 year old is sick...fever and cough starting.

    Simeon cries alot every time he pees. Can't go to I wore something similar...minus the footies.

    Love you.

  9. You look so cute and comfy. I hope Phil was feeling better by Christmas! I have to say, I most likely would have went to bed at 5:30 too....and I even like spinach.


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