Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

First up, a less-than-one-minute-you-can-spare-that-can't-you? video of the kids getting a kitty for Christmas:

We went to my brother, Sean's house for Christmas dinner.  Coincidentally Sean's birthday is today.  Him and Jesus, always forgotten amidst all the Christmas presents.

All six of my siblings and their families were there (a rarity since four are doctors) and my parents had all twenty grandchildren around them.   

What a Merry Christmas indeed! 
So, what did Santa bring to you?

Waiting for dinner

Carving the meat with an electric knife!

Half of the shoes piled by the front door, the other half were by the back door

Me and my sisters!
 Here's where I'll step in to do WIWOC (What I Wore on Christmas) with the lovely Grace:
Jeans: Loft
Fleece top: Old Navy because at $3.97, you just can't beat the price!

As for my sisters, I'm guessing mostly LL Bean, Lands End and J Crew, because they're classy and preppy like that.

Is my mom stroking my sister-in-law's hair?

Was it something I said?  Probably.

Waiting to do the Sweeney Swap...Sweeney is my maiden name

Knock it off, you two, that's what started this big crazy family!!

Faux Tie Shirt: Crazy 8

Making the gravy

Apparently, too many cooks do NOT ruin the gravy! 
The Backrub Brigade

Gammy and her youngest grandchild

Daddy's girl

Three generations of Margaret:
Margaret Rosemary, Margaret Ann, and Colleen Margaret

The KID Table

The Bigger Kid Table

Time for presents!

As crazy as this looks - each kid only receives ONE present from my side of the family.  Easy peasy!

More kids, more presents!

Still going...

I think someone has present envy!

And now I am officially wiped out and ready for bed.  

But it's only 7:30 pm, Colleenie!!!

Yes, that sounds about right!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!


  1. Such cute photos. I love the one of you and your sisters. You look absolutely fabulous (I never look that good in Old Navy) and so do they. Merry Merry Christmas.

    The video was awesome!

  2. Love the video!! Hope Evie warmed up to the kiddos quickly! And that pic of your parents kissing is priceless. That has to be so awesome to know your parents are in love. Merry Christmas, Martins!

  3. Merry Christmas! Love your family pics! The video was adorable and Xander was just too too cute at the end!

  4. What a wonderful Christmas and fun photos. Thanks for sharing the Evie big reveal. That was just too precious! Of course, Lily saw it as I watched and had a little kitty envy. She'll get over it. She got her American Girl doll she REALLY wanted for Christmas, so she is pretty excited any way.
    Merry Christmas Martin's!

  5. Oh my goodness... I truly enjoyed seeing the joy and surprise of your children with your new cat! That little kitty is going to be well loved! Your photos are great... I can truly see all of the love and joy of your family. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and prayers, Colleen. It means a great deal to me. :-)

  6. Adorable video! And I love big family Christmas recaps!

  7. Love it, Colleen! What a perfect day! Merry Christmas!

  8. I LOVE the video! So fun!

    I am a third generation Margaret. (Margaret Amy, then Mary Margaret, then me, another Margaret Amy.) If I ever have a daughter, she'll be a Margaret, too!

    Love the photos... such a fun time! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  9. Know this..you are so very very blessed to have parents who are still married...let alone giving up so PDA!

    OH POOR KITTY!!! Those kids will want to love you so. Hang in there with all that noise.

  10. What a fun Christmas get together, you and your sisters DO look great! The video is too cute...have fun with the kiddos loving that kitty every chance she lets them!

  11. Hey, my married name is Sweeney!
    Looks like a super fun day. I loved the video; looks like Evie was a hit!

  12. AWWWW!!! Love all of those pictures, and LOVE LOVE the video. Priceless.

    *Jeremy's always whining that I'm tired. I'm like, "Babe, it's 11:30. I'm up all night with kiddos. I'm running around like a crazy lady all day. I'm tired." LOL!

  13. "OH MY GOSH A CAT!!!!.... I'm sorry I scared you, but... "

    More screaming!

    I am laughing and on the verge of crying all at the same time. Priceless video and I am so excited for the kids!

  14. Loved all your pictures! How sweet your parents kissing! the video was fun to watch!! So many blessings you have..

  15. The video is awesome....I do believe Evie lost about two of her lives during the introduction. LOL!
    Love all the family photos; so nice that your parents had ALL of their brood there with them.
    Merry Belated Christmas to you and yours.

  16. That video is so danged cute!! And I sweat that Ellee has the same jammies that Maggie has on. So fun! It looks like your family had a wonderful Christmas! <3


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