Saturday, December 29, 2012

What I Wore on my Face

Ana told me about them,she heard about them from Jenna, and Grace wears them regularly.  

What am I talking about?

Glasses from Firmoo.

I went to order my first pair free for new customers, but somehow didn't follow the right steps, and ended up being charged $48 for the glasses plus shipping.  

I emailed the Firmoo company and pleaded my case of I-don't-know-how-to-work-this-Internet-thingie and they refunded my money so I only had to pay shipping!

I'm not sure how I feel about them because they are VERY big.

Phil said: How come you think wearing your regular glasses makes you look like a geek, but then you order big geek glasses on purpose?

Eamon (age 6) just keeps giggling whenever I walk by.

But Maggie, my sweet darling wonderful little girl, she says I look beautiful!

 Only honest comments, please.  I can handle it :)


  1. They are, uh, big, But I like them. Honestly. They must be coming back in style?

  2. wellllllll I LOVE them but I'm a big plastic glasses junkie. I'm glad they refunded your dough!

    I say give them a few days and if you still aren't sure .... they get the boot.

    But ... I like/love/really love.

    what does Phil think? I think Simon hates me big glasses but won't ever say so.

  3. I like big sunglasses, small regular glasses but as far as big regular glasses go, you have a good head shape for them.

  4. very hipster.
    It's what all the cool kids are wearing.
    I am very confident I am not cool enough to pull it off, but you, you can :)

  5. they look cool. like hipster cool. I would just wear it with something trendy to complete the look.

  6. its free bbut you need to pay shipping right? My eldest dd wants glasses like these. Is there a way around shipping too?

  7. Hmm... I guess the big are in style now? Although I think the only people I've seen wear them are a few bloggy folks. Of course, I don't get out into the real world much anyway so I should be the last person ever giving fashion advice ;) I can't say they're my thing but I don't like wearing my own glasses EVER. I think they're over fourteen years old and the wrong prescription. Huh. On second thought, maybe I should get some of those babies...

  8. Love them, Colleen! For real!

  9. Fun! Maybe not to be rocked with all outfits....just most of them. ;)

  10. you always look adorable. so this is no exception. but i think you have to wear them with a fancy-pants outfit? like your FOOTIE JAMMIES!!! :) haha. i wouldn't be brave enough to wear them, but kudos! just pair them with something stylish and you're good to go!

  11. LOL, the large glasses came back 2 or 3 years ago. (I was in law school). They are indeed "hipster" Not a fashion I am very fond of. (just like leggings with nothing covering the butt). I keep thinking about that family portrait on my parents piano from 1990 with 6 people in very large stop sign glasses. So still small rectangle glasses for me. I guess the only question you have to ask yourself is, "are you OccupyWallStreey enough." =)

  12. Ok, so I opened this post excited that you were going to talk about makeup. Yup, I am a nerd for prying into other women's cosmetics. Ha.
    Actually thought you rock the glasses and in certain circumstances/outfits they would be perfect. Then, I died laughing at Phil's comment and even more picturing Eamon giggling as you pass by.
    I would say true test is to wear them to work and see what the students say as you walk down the hallway. I bet Phil's awesome factor would go WAY up due to your awesome factor. photo, move a bit to your left so I can see if our Christmas card is hanging up at your

  13. I like them! But I think you look great in anything :) I have to laugh about Eamon's giggles, though :) Kenners gives it to me straight {often not in the nicest way, lol!}, but Kam . . . she's my sweetie. Yesterday, alone, she told me I was awesome 8 times :)

  14. Love them!! Totally trendy and awesome!


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