Sunday, December 30, 2012

What I Wore Sunday

We went to Mass last night, and it started snowing right before we left.  But did that stop me from posing for the lovely ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple?  Of course not!

The only pose I know, and do you see the snow???

Dress: Old Navy (I have the fraternal twin dress in blue/green also)
Tights: Black from somewhere
Boots: Mudd wedge winter boots, from same place as tights

Note what's not on my face: The new glasses, I think they'll be for home use only but "Phil" (a new customer) is ordering a slightly smaller pair that might just be perfect for "Phil".

And on my arm, some blingy bangles by Alex and Ani (a popular East Coast brand):

These are the birthstones from my first three children...eventually I hope to have all of my babies around my 100% pale white Irish wrist.  Then maybe I can add some of their religious ones.

Can I throw in What My Kids Wore in the Snow?  

Those snowy hoodlums...I just can't quit 'em.


  1. I don't see the snow in the pic but you do look fabulous in that dress. You don't look like you had 5 babies! I also checked out your link for the bangle. I had no idea they made bracelets like that. You have me intrigued to browse some more. LOL.

  2. #1: I love a dress with sleeves. Gimme, gimme- those are the best.
    #2: Never heard of that brand of jewelry before, but wow, cool stuff! Esp those religious medals! And those are birthstone charms that I could get behind!
    #3: What's happier than a kid in the snow? Nothing I know of! Love it!

  3. The snow is insane here. We ended up with over a foot. So no Mass for us. Just lots and lots of shoveling.

    1. Cari! We have a 7pm in New Bedford, so you could shovel... and still have time to head up! I'm sure we can find a place to put your gang! ;)

      If this doesnt' work out... enjoy the snow and shoveling and have a Happy New Year!

  4. Love that dress and the sleeve length. So many dresses are sleeveless or those lil cap sleeves my linebacker shoulders can't fit in. Plus you can wear it in the winter without needing a cardi! Super cute!

  5. That bracelet is so cute! It's like a grown-up charm bracelet :)

  6. I love the dress, Colleen...and the boots! We have sooo much snow here, over a foot and still falling... as for me,I am in my jammies. Since I have a houseful of sick chicks, I shower and just put clean jammies back on! : )

  7. i love your bracelets! the kids look like they are ready for some serious snow fun!

  8. Colleen, you actually posted on a SUNDAY!? And you look fab. I definitely agree with Jiza... no signs of 5 kids here. Living up to that resolution of a skirt I see!

    Alex & Ani. I got one for Christmas from my Mother in Law. SO sweet. I haven't even wore my Pandora in forever because I've been going sans jewelry since Ava. I feel like whenever I hold her, her head is always leaning on a bracelet, so I just don't wear them. They are more my style, though.

    Those snowy kids. TOOO cute!

  9. It's been forever since I visited your blog. You look gorgeous!

  10. That dress looks great on you, and I hope "Phil" loves the new glasses ;)

  11. The dress is fantastic and that bangle is awesome!

  12. The fit of the dress is perfect, and meaningful jewelry is the best. BTW, we're skin twins. I feel ya.

  13. That dress is great and the "fraternal twins" comment = LOL!

  14. you are rocking that dress!!

  15. Great dress, but the bracelet is lovely and fun and super that you can add to it!! Love the kids' snow garb and fun poses!

  16. I ordered some glasses for myself! Thank you for letting me know about it! Goodbye fifteen year old glasses! I tried to order some for Brian (really for him) but it must recognize the computer because it keeps calling him an old customer even though I used his email and work address. Let me know if it works for you.
    Dress is super cute. I hate being cold so my winter Mass attire always involves a long sleeve sweater and long blah skirt. Not as cute :)

  17. That is a stunning bracelet!!! My Mom would love it. You may have helped me pick out the 2013 Mother's Day gift... ;-)

  18. How cute is that bracelet mama? V.E.R.Y.

    Snow hoodlums, there's just somethin' about 'em, isn't there? I think a snowy background is always a good background for photos. Even if I really detest winter and snow. I'm such an awful Minnesotan.


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