Thursday, February 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday: The Family Update Edition

Seven people in our family, seven quick takes...and go!

1) Phil is just as handsome as ever.  Here's the proof:
 This was taken after we got in the car at the mall and were headed home.  Right before this, we heard a car struggling to start, and Phil looks around like the Superman that he is and sees a girl in need.  "Do you need a jump?" he asks her  "Yes, thank you!" she says, relieved to see a nice guy offering his services.  He is just the most helpful person I know.  Making dinner, cleaning the house, putting the kids to bed, getting up at night to soothe a bad dreamer, he does it all.  When we had the blizzard last weekend, I tried to apologize to him for having so many of my family members at our house, and he honestly said "I'm so glad they are here.  I love to help."  Best.catch.ever.
2) Me:
Juuuuust dark and grainy enough to make me not hate it.
I keep on doing my four favorite activity groups - working, working out, working on the blog, and eating.

3) John-Paul:
He loved this Dickens book from the library
My first-born boy is going to be ten on Monday.  TEN!  What the hay?  I get emotional every time I think about it.  And he gets really excited!  We told the kids they could each have a "friend" birthday party when they turned ten, and so he has decided to go see this movie and then to Friendly's for ice cream sundaes.  We are holding off to do it until the movie officially opens in a couple weeks.  He is still a major bookworm, and reads huge novels in one day if he's allowed.  Which he's often not, much to his chagrin.  Good thing he's cute.

4) Andrew:
Andrew in the middle of two cousins
 Andrew is feeling like the very mature second grader because while all his classmates are preparing for First Holy Communion, he has already received the sacrament and has been altar serving for about 8 months now.  He is still a natural at athletics of any variety and we have to force him to read during "rest time" because he'd rather be doing anything but.  At least he's cute.

5) Eamon:
My roller derby king
Eamon is loving that he is on the same basketball team as Andrew and talks about the games all the time.  He has also decided he wants to have his hair "a little longish on top so he can make it stick up" and spends time in the bathroom achieving that look with water.  He is a great reader but prefers doing workbooks or playing card games.  He's still such a cuddlebug and told me the other day "THANK YOU for having this baby (Xander) because he is so funny!"  He is slowly starting to be a better (read: less picky) eater, but not fast enough for our liking.  Thank goodness he's cute.

6) My Maggie Moo:
Rollerblading queen
 Maggie whispers in my ear on a daily basis that "Girls rule and boys drool.  But not mans or babies, they rule too."  Us girls have to stick together in this testosterone filled house, dontchaknow.  She pines for a sister the way I used to pine for my first kiss.  Desperately and to no avail.  She has learned to read and loves spending time doing so.  Next year she will be in Kindergarten and is excited to wear a uniform!  Always worried about fashion, this one.  Lucky for her, she's cute.

7) Xander B.
Here I am!
What a little trouble maker this guy is.  He is into everything and we should have named him Captain Destructo.  If he was my first baby, I would be a lot more stressed out about the fact that he is so full of energy and devilish ways, but he is not my first and like a wise grand-multipara, I know that this too shall pass.  Or at least I can ship him off to school in a few years.  Whichever comes sooner!  The problem is that he is so funny and charming while he's being naughty that everyone laughs at him which is the fuel for his fire.  At Mass the other day, he started giving everyone peace around us like he was running a campaign, and when everyone stopped indulging his whims, he said "Peace" and shook his own hand. Thank God he's cute!

Now have a lovely weekend with your own family, and love them all a little more than the day before! Because if nothing else, at least they're cute, amiright?


  1. "Just grainy and dark enough for me not to hate it." Ha! That sounds like me! But, you should know that 1/2 the reason your kids are so cute is because of YOU!!!!

  2. You and your family are the sweetest! Can I please be just like you when I grow up? :) I love that Xander shook his own hand! Adorable!!

  3. Our 'friend' birthday was at 10 too! how fun. I remember looking forward to it for YEARS!

  4. Good Friday morning, Colleen...I sure enjoyed this one. It is nice getting to know each of your little ones. And I am quite certain your husband is indeed a great catch...but then, I am sure he says the same about you!The two of you together=great little kids! : )

  5. I love your family! You know you could kill two birds with one stone and use this as an "about me" on your blog. BUT I just checked, and you already have one!

  6. I love this update! I had the same idea this week. Happy date night to you, and happy birthday (sob) to your baby boy!

  7. Oh boy, the big double digit birthday! Which makes you the MOM of a double digit kid - don't worry, it's (mostly) fun!!

    Very cute kiddies, indeed. :)

  8. So cute! My oldest will be 10 in a few months and I jsut cannot believe that he is getting so old!

    And Xander is SO. Stinkin'. Cute!

  9. Clara and Ava can be Maggie's "adopted" sisters... deal?

  10. So much fun to catch-up on your family!
    Great pictures!

  11. Is it weird for me to tell you how handsome Andrew is? Because he's really going to be a heartbreaker if you can't get a priestly vocation out of him :P

  12. Yay for date night! You look lovely; you don't need it to be dark and grainy!

    Really happy kids. Mine have never rollerskated. We must fix that, and soon!

  13. Well darn it if y'all aren't just so stinkin' cute! I always enjoy the family catch-ups you do. Such sweet kids you have. And might I say, look at you mama, all cute and grainy. Might I also add that Phil's bicep from that angle looks killer. Keep up those curls Phil! :)
    Miss Maggie is free to visit any time. Right now the estrogen is stifling me, so I could send one your way!!

  14. I've been sooo emotional about the kiddos getting older, lately. I mean, I've always been emotional about it, but I'm out of control emotional now :/ And let me just say, Xander and Taylor are a match made in heaven. Just call her Miss Destructo!

  15. Beautiful, beautiful family. But you know that already. Love that little Zander...he reminds me of Sim's personality. I love how you described your husband--so sweet!


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