Saturday, February 23, 2013

DDrops Review and Giveaway!

I've written before about how I take Vitamin D on a daily basis because most everyone is deficient and the deficiency is linked to all sorts of health problems.  Living in a cold and snowy winter climate means my kids do not get outside in the sunshine as much as I would like, and because of that, I realized they should be getting some Vitamin D supplements as well.  Lucky for me, Ddrops are available.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently revised their Vitamin D recommendations so that breastfed children under the age of 1 should receive 400 IU Vitamin D and that children 1 year old and over should be receiving 600 IU Vitamin D per day.  Baby Ddrops has 400 IU Vitamin D per drop, whereas Ddrops® Booster has 600 IU Vitamin D per drop. 

We started putting the drops in our kid's "juice" (5% juice mixed with 95% water):

Alexander gets the Baby Ddrops:

And the bigger kids get the Ddrops Booster:

The handy dandy bottle makes it simple to put just one drop in each cup:

Sunshine in a cup
And there's no flavor or fighting with the kids to drink it.
Mother of the Year

I pretty much love Ddrops, in case you couldn't tell!  And now you've got a chance to love them too!  Just enter below to win your Ddrops shipped via


  1. Fun giveaway with cute models, excellent!

  2. Sorry didn't realize there was a specific question ~ currently I take a prenatal vitamin, plus a Vit C and a Ca/Vit D

  3. I love Ddrops too. I give them to my kids and take them myself..but I I just put it right on their tongue. They love sticking their tongue out to get their drops on.

  4. You just look like a really fun family, even when you're just taking vitamins!

    I take D, but never really thought to give it to my kids. Thanks for mentioning this! I have one child who is particularly bothered by the constant gray and dreary weather. Makes me wonder...

  5. I give our kiddos D drops I got from our chiropractor, but it's only once per week, I have no idea why only once a week....I take mine every day (pill form) I'm going to look into these D-Drops though! I let my kiddos have one glass per day of juice, only for breakfast. Water the rest of the day and milk at meals...just fyi...found it interesting you do the 5-95 % I the only one interested in that? Thanks for the review! I have had your blog up on my screen I think since Thursday, waiting for a chance to come and read....not pumping anymore and do not have s smart phone...(see I read that post, and your tips!:)

  6. Thanks for the review! I have started researching vitamin supplements for our little guy (and we too live in a northern climate).

  7. Wow. Thanks for this. Just the other night I was searching the best vitamin D supplement for kids. I guess I now found it!

  8. Thank you for the giveaway. 8 kiddos here to give vitamins to. Never saw these till now. Definately going to try them.

  9. Ooh...enter me please! Vitamin D makes a huge difference for me during our long winters. I should be better about giving some to the kiddos!


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