Tuesday, February 26, 2013

{CWA} Volume 2

{Joining Suspicio for another installment of Catholic Woman's Almanac}
::Moments of Gratitude::
All of my sweet birthday comments and emails and texts and cards.  
This girl sure feels loved!
I just realized this weekend that Pope Benedict was leaving so soon.  I mean, I *knew* he was but it didn't register just how fast it was coming.
For Pope Benedict XVI
For pregnant ladies.
For the poor souls in purgatory who have no one to pray for them.
Ummm, I just spread almond butter on rice cakes for breakfast for Phil and I....does that count as cooking?
Oooooh!  I know!  This weekend I made a Roasted Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash soup and also a pot roast to give us some easy lunches and dinners for the week.  I'll have to post the pot roast recipe soon, it's so easy and delicious and I've finally found a way to make gluten-free and cornstarch-free gravy.  (Just typing that I realize you all now understand the simplicity of my cooking skills)
Gray dress pants, pink tank top, black/white/gray/pink argyle cardigan.
Plans for the weekend.  A date is on the agenda, and basketball games and practices, and maybe a Baptism!
Crazy waiting for my federal tax refund.  The state refund came in, and the IRS said I was supposed to receive the refund on February 13, but I am still waiting...
My Other Self by Clarence Enzler
Employee policies at work.  Fun, right?
::Listening to::
Some Nights by Fun
::Wandering Around the Web::
I am catching up with my friend, Sandra's family as she is catching up on blogging at State of Motherhood.  Don't you love it when old bloggy buddies start writing again?
::Liturgical Living::
::Around the House::
A friend asked to borrow maternity clothes.  In digging out and organizing those bins, I started digging out and organizing the desk and closet around it.  We found tons of hand-me-down costumes for the kids that now live in three hampers at the bottom of the upstairs hallway closet.  It's like we discovered Disney World - they are so happy with these get-ups and have been doing daily parades for our entertainment.  It's just another example of how we always get more than we give.
::Looking Ahead::
We just finished February vacation and now we are counting down to April vacation.  We'll be heading to Maryland to visit with Phil's family!
My birthday buddy made me a birthday card.  (Tigers are my favorite)
I can't believe John-Paul is TEN!


  1. Great Almanac! Love the re-cap of your week!

    When I looked at the week ahead I also thought about our Pope and realized it's this week, how did that happen so quick?

  2. Our tax refund took over a week longer than the IRS projection. I was starting to freak out a little, but it was just deposited last night. Whew, because that's tuition for next year! When my first baby will start HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!! (to make you feel less shell-shocked about having a 10 year old! ;-)

  3. Love the way you write.
    Love that you are changing the world "one diaper at a time"!
    Clearly I having a Love day. ha!
    At almost 50, I don't typically say Love so many times in one response.
    Looking forward to reading another post soon.

  4. I am feeling unprepared for B16's leaving. Suddenly, I'm realizing that there are printables and crafts and such that I should be doing/preparing for the kids. I'm running out of time Papa, don't leave yet!!!
    I recenly made a sweet potato soup that was de-lish. Pinterest, of course. Even the kids liked it. Mostly.
    Our federal tax $$ was just deposited on Friday. Of course, good 'ol MN had to take a couple hundred though and we had to pay in to state. It's good to see the bump in the savings account, but that money quickly goes somewhere it seems.
    I never did get back to comment on your lenten diet post. I was recently talking with my SIL about this and how I feel like I can't give up/diet a lot because I already miss/skip food because I forget and when I do make an effort, I get bad headaches. She was metioning how she, like you, is trying to be more conscious of lenten changes that need to be lifestyle changes. She would love the little weight loss, but has to keep reminding herself for longrun benefits. As for me, I'm just trying to keep up the exercise and firm up. As mentioned before, I think it's more of a skin issue than muscle, however, for fun I'm trying to tighten my abs/core whenever I am standing. Which is virtually all day. I'm trying to pay attention and try to do it. Maybe it will become a habit?

    Ok, ok, I'm rambling in your comments section. Sorry!

    Glad that your bday was blessed and you felt loved. Thought of you a lot yesterday in your cute pink skirt. Something about it made me smile. :)

  5. You're so sweet. It feels great to blog again! We had such a crazy 2012, I'm just glad I'm finally in June/July on my blog instead of 2011! :-)

    Hope you have a great week and thanks for mentioning me. :)

  6. That soup sounds amazing! I am definitely making that next week! I just made that Cambridge fried rice you posted on your quick takes a few weeks ago - so good!

  7. I love how funny you are, Colleen!

    Going...crazy! Ha!

    And "Lent is not a diet in disguise." Ha! and TRUE! and thank you for the reminder!

    Awesome card!

    Enjoy your evening, Colleen!

  8. Just got our fed tax refund so I know what you're saying! I had to remind myself this year, too, that Lent isn't about losing weight. Good thing, cuz it isn't working anyhow :)

  9. So glad you had a nice birthday! I am waiting on the tax $ also. it will cover the costs of having baby #4!


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