Monday, April 29, 2013

He Said, She Said

J-P: (trying to convince me he's old enough to watch The Hunger Games) But Lily has watched it 15 times!

Me: So, you want to be just like Lily?

John-Paul: Yes.

Me: (sing songy) Because you looooove her?

J-P: NO!  Ugh! (smiles)

Me: Because you love her a leeeeeetle?

J-P: (blushing) yes.

Me: Wait, WHAT?!?!?!?!

When we went to the Air & Space Museum, I took Maggie to the bathroom, and had the following conversation:

Me: Maggie, just in case we get separated, do you know what to do?

Maggie: Yup!

Me: OK, so if you get lost, you should...

Maggie: Just go with another person.

Me: (sigh)

Eamon to Alexander: What does Eamon say?

Alexander: Beep beep.

Eamon: No, I say "Dude!"

Maggie to Alexander: What's a Maggie say?

Alexander: Honk honk.

Maggie: Nope, I say "I'm a pretty, pretty, pinky, pinky princess!"

Maggie: (as we pull into a shopping plaza) Oooooh, let's go there!

Me: Where?

Maggie: To the Chocolate Mexican Girl!

Me: It's Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Maggie: Oh, nevermind.


  1. Loved the light hearted laughs this Monday morning! Thanks so much!

  2. Tell JP that he's not to speak to Lily anymore.

  3. I like Chocolate Mexican Grill better. That sounds like my kind of place.

  4. Chocolate Mexican girl" gotta love that!!!
    too funny... what sweet pictures too.

  5. love!

    And tell Maggie that I would desperately want to visit a "Chocolate Mexican Girl" restaurant with her. ;-)

  6. Haha... so funny! I need to start documenting some of the funny stuff Joe says nowadays instead of the down in the dumps stuff ive been writing lately!

  7. Oh, my. You have me ROLLING with this. JP is cute, but Maggie is HILARE. Love.

  8. Smiling! Happy Monday, friend...

  9. So. Awesome. If I see a Chocolate Mexican Grill, I am TOTALLY going.

  10. So funny! Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. The Chocolate Mexican Grill sounds like way more fun!

  12. OH NO a real crush??? I'm dying! I don't think I'll ever be ready for that...

  13. Maggies eyes jump out super blue with that cute cute blue shirt on. Wait till that sweet girl has a crush..aaaaaahhhh~

    I think hunger games is best for kids 12 and up.imho.ok colette watched it when she was 11. girls mature faster then boys though.imho.

  14. Hahahaha! Love them! :)

  15. Chocolate Mexican Grill . . . I'm all for that! :) And, since when did Maggie grow up?! Sheesh, last time I checked she was a little pumpkin, now she's a young lady!

  16. Sooooo funny and John Paul has a crush!? WHAT is right!!! And Chipoltle should sell chocolate.

  17. LOL....they are so funny! I am actually still traumatized from watching The Hunger Games 3 months ago. But then again, I am a sissy (who loves chocolate mexican grill!)


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