Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Princesses in Training

Before I had a daughter and was stuck in the land of trucks and balls and superheroes (which is an amazing land, I'm not complaining) I would wonder if there would ever come a day when I would have a little girl to do little girl things.  Like pretty dress-ups, and tea parties and princess gatherings.

And then, voila, I got the most wonderful and stubborn and beautiful and spirited little girl of all time.  She grew up in the blink of an eye, and now we get to experience events like this past weekend's Tea with Belle at our Catholic high school.  The high school's spring musical this year was Beauty and the Beast, so they decided to host this Tea while they had the costumes and set already in place.  

Maggie and her cousins.

Belle and Mrs. Potts.

Maggie, cousins, and friends.

They got to decorate a cupcake!
And even eat it! (very un-princess like)
Lovely Belle posed with the girls.

Maggie's "sister" Madison in the middle, and another schoolmate on the left.

"Mom take my picture in front of the library.  Wait, is that a real library?"

Belle reads aloud to the pretty princesses in training.
So as much as I tend to whine about how difficult Maggie can be, I also know that I am so so blessed to have a daughter.  

Girls...go get you some.


  1. Well, we sure got us some girls, all right. And yes, there are lots of fun and precious girly things to do. Mopsy just asked me this weekend to paint her nails for the first time. When I was finished, she said, "I just look aDORable!" Indeed. :)

    That is such a cute idea for the high school kids to do with the girls!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a sweet little event!

  3. That looks so fun, Colleen! And she looks beautiful! Perfect choice of Princess attire to match those big blue eyes. Cinderella is all the rage here. : )

  4. I LOVE this - how sweet is Miss Maggie in her princess dress! And how cool that Stang did Beauty and the Beast! What a great thing to take her to. She really is so cute

  5. Such pretty princesses! Looks like a good time was had by all.

  6. This is such a sweet idea! What a fun mother/daughter activity. Maggie looks so sweet dressed in her princess gear!

  7. Colleen, How fun!! that was a pretty Princess too..
    such a nice thing to do..

  8. I love that picture of Maggie with the cupcake! The one where she's cute and smiling not the one where she's digging in face first! ;)

  9. Girls are so much fun, aren't they?? That looks like such a fun tea. Maggie is so pretty.

  10. Oh my goodness. My Cecilia is almost old enough for this kind of awesomeness. She would swoon!

  11. Awwww, what a fun event to take her to! My girls as tom boyish as they are, they also very much love Princesses and pink. (although some won't ever admit that)

  12. I wish there were princess parties for us "big girls!"

    Your daughter is so cute.

  13. Awww my "little sister" looks so stinkin' cute all dressed up! I remember my princess days! LOL Miss you all <3

  14. Oh, this is so cute! Maggie is such a doll! Yay for girls!!

  15. A Princess Party, how fun! This is the kind of stuff dreams of girls are made of. Unless you have three girls and suddenly start to wonder which of you will not survive the teen years. lol.
    So much sweetness in those stubborn, girly girls that you can't help but love 'em.


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