Friday, August 23, 2013

Seven Quick Takes in Which I Realize Jen's Power

Joining Jen and the rest because it's FRIDAY!  And the last Friday before school starts for us!

So back in January, Mrs. Jen Fulwiler herself linked to the Saint Name Generator she created.  Everyone in my family got a saint for the year, and mine was St. Gianna.  I was so excited to get St. Gianna, because she is such an awesome role model of a working mom, and we were going to name Xander Gianna if he had been a she.  But after my initial joy wore off, I realized that getting St. Gianna for 2013 might mean I would get pregnant in 2013, since many women pray to her for help with fertility.  I got scared.  I wasn't ready for another baby yet.  I even wrote in this post that perhaps St. Gianna would just use 2013 to allow my heart to open to the idea of another baby.  Well, Jen F.and St. Gianna are pretty powerful people, and not only did my heart turn from a cold piece of coal to an inviting place for babies, but I also got pregnant.  So if this baby is a girl, I'm thinking the name Jennifer Gianna is in order ;)

My friend Laura sent me this article last night.  It's good to be 34!!  I think the reason women feel the best in the nude at 34 is because they are just tired of caring!

Ben Affleck is cast to be the new Batman.  

I'll still watch it because I love all the superhero movies, but I liked Christian Bale.  

Ben's a hometown boy, and I really like his wife....but I don't know if he's Batman material. 

I've been drinking lots of Chai Tea at home using my Teapot from Adagio.  

You just brew the loose tea in the pot, then sit it on top of your mug and the tea drains right into your cup leaving behind the leaves.  

I make my chai tea with warm milk, and it's delicious!

My baby!
H for Head and B for Body (although that's not what my kids thought!)

Sorry it's so blurry, it's a picture of a picture.  

I wasn't going to get an ultrasound done at my first appointment, but I had a small issue and my midwife wanted to make sure everything looked okay.  I was glad to see there was only ONE baby in there, since I'm not as awesome as you moms of twins!

Go congratulate Simace on their anniversary.  4 years and 3 kids?  That's some good Steubenville lovin' :)  Soon they'll be riding around in the Big Van like the rest of us.
The Donaldson van and the Martin van.

Phew, made it through to number seven.  I think I may just invent Four Quick Takes Friday.  For the lazies like me.  

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


  1. Hi baby! So tiny!

    Love that name by the way.

    Happy Friday to you and we are all so excited about this new babe coming. Hurry up already..ha!

  2. Oh, please start a four quick takes? Seven is a. lot. And Jennifer Gianna has a nice ring to it!

  3. This just made my morning while nursing June!
    What a great story about your saint! I love how that stuff happens and I'm just so excited about #6. I know I keep telling you that. Gosh you are so holy!!! I'm certainly honored to be friends w you, Mrs. Martin! ;)

  4. OMG, what the heck?!?!?! How on EARTH did I miss the announcement? I think we were on vaca and somehow I glossed over the post with the picture of the pregnancy test!! How does that happen?

    Whatever, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Yay for more Martin babies!! I hope you are feeling well, your little sweet pea looks so great in that pic, so happy for you guys!

  5. When you graduate from Franciscan you just might as well start saving up for the big van, it is inevitable.

  6. Clicked over from Jen's... I cannot resist an ultrasound photo! Congratulations on the pregnancy! I will definitely be following along to glean some wisdom. Already went into some older posts and mind = blown with your helpful suggestions.

  7. Your vans are awesome! I just cannot bring myself, or really I should say, I am just not physically capable of that. So we all really, really smush into an eight seater Odyssey. Not fun when three of us are 6 feet.

  8. Congratulations!!! Gianna is a beautiful name :)

  9. Congrats on baby and YES totally agree about Christian Bale. He's the only Batman for me.

    Found you via 7QT and would love for you to check out my blog (and there's a giveaway today!) :)

  10. Well, hello there Baby Martin! : )

  11. Jennifer Gianna is a beautiful name! can't wait to find out what you are having.

  12. I like Ben Affleck, but no. Just NO. Of course I may be suffering from post-Christian-Bale depression.

    I hope to have a van like that someday... It kills me that we can't be TTC right now because I have the BABY FEVAH!!!

    Have a good weekend!

  13. That Chai Tea looks so yummy!

    I just cannot see Ben as Batman,but he was Daredevil a while ago and was fairly good, so we will see.

    I totally forgot about St. Gianna! She really was the perfect saint for you this year!

  14. I told my husband if we every need a van bigger than our Odyssey I want a Sprinter Van...

    He thinks I'm insane : )

  15. I really wanted Gianna for one of the twins but Andrew wasn't having it... She's one of my favorites!!!

    Also, I'm really glad you're not having twins. Not that it's not wonderful and all... But wooooow is it hard and it's a REALLY good thing it's not common because otherwise NOBODY would ever have babies! I think you could totally handle it, but hopefully you'll never have to!

  16. Big fans of St. Gianna over here. True story: I had never heard of her before I named my oldest Gianna. But my whole pregnancy was full of complications, I had a c-section, etc. Now I know that St. Gianna was probably already praying for me.

  17. Love the baby picture!!! Also, the Gianna thing gives me goosebumps :).

  18. Enjoy your last weekend before school!!! Great 7QT!!!

  19. Well, hello baby Martini. Tell me that someone has not already named your baby. Jen Gianna. Whatever. Martini will be fine. lol. I do, however, think I'm gonna stick out this ride and go with girl for little Martini. I'm doing it for Miss Maggie. AND, and, have you figured this out yet? If you have a girl and name her Gianna we would be even double besties with double girly twinsies names. Oh, c'mon, you know you wanna! ;)

    Hmm...I have two more months to feel my best naked. I'm not sure how I feel about that since I currently do not feel my best naked. The pooch thing still just really gets me. I'll think on it.

    Btw, still just giddy about your #6, but personally I'm still in that 'cold piece of coal' stage for me. Please don't tell Pope Francis, he'd be so disappointed. I really should be shunned from the church or something. Maybe that nude thing will work at age 35 for me and we'll end up with a #5?? We'll see how this all works out.

    Happy Weekend!

  20. I laughed so loud when I read that poster with Christian Bale laughing at Ben Afleck!! So funny!!

    I agree by the way. He'll do fine. I don't like that they are getting someone so famous...Why not Bale anymore? I loved him as Batman. Dang it anyway. OK, I'm over it...There's a new Batman movie coming out? Yay!

    Love that sweet Gianna baby--must be a girl, right?
    I thought the B was for Butt too.

    Not a big tea person, unless I'm sick. OH, I do like ice tea...that counts right?

  21. I liked Christian Bale...;( I know his temper was notorious, but I still liked him as Batman.

  22. HI there! I was totally attracted to your blog by the Madonna del la Strada, and your description of yourself. A big exercise fan, and a big food fan. I love that!

    You are the second blogger to not like the Batman casting. Wow, I must be missing something. Ben Affleck seems ok to me... Oh well.

    LOVE St. Gianna. My niece named her daughter Gianna this year. Beautiful!
    So nice to meet you :)

  23. Our little Gianna Elizabeth is 1 wk old today :) It's a great name! Great saint!


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