Friday, February 28, 2014

7 QT - It's Almost March!

Tomorrow is the first weekend of March!  Can you believe it?  I just heard we could be getting 18 inches of snow on Monday!  My parents will be coming home from Florida this weekend, and after a month of wonderful warm weather, they need to see some snow {insert evil cackle here}.

You know what else happens in March?  BABY TIME!  While this still feels like the longest pregnancy ever, this 3rd trimester has been very kind to me.  

Here I am blurry at 2 days shy of 37 weeks, accentuating for Grace's pleasure:
Rocking our school's polo shirt because it's casual Friday.

Still no baby name decisions!!!  Help!

I got a FitBit for my birthday and it's very cool.  

It's a bracelet that tracks your steps, activity minutes, calories, sleep, and flights of stairs climbed.  Yesterday was the first day I wore it all day, and I got 10, 225 steps in.  But, I know I actually did about 1500 more than that because I walked on the treadmill, and the FitBit didn't calculate my mileage accurately.  I'm assuming it's because it's hard to track mileage when you're technically standing in one spot??  It is a great motivator to increase my activity, and I made a couple extra trips to the front office and water cooler just to see my step count go up.

So many posts to read this week via Jen's 7 in 7 challenge.  Here's some good ones:

And Cari sent me this, which is just awesomeness to the nth degree:

So a few weeks ago, I was feeling pretty stressed out and down in the dumps and just blah.  You know the feeling, right?  Anyway, I started upping my Vitamin D dose (using these drops) and truly started feeling so much better, even my husband noticed.  A coincidence?  I think not.  

When I'm not pregnant I take these, but since I already get Vitamin D in my prenatals, I am just upping the dosage with the drops right now.


I think I might ask the Easter Bunny for this book this year, after reading a review in a health magazine.  I was so good at drinking smoothies before I got pregnancy, and then was really turned off by them during the first trimester and never got back on board.

I'm already talking about Easter and I haven't even mentioned Lent!  Some years I am so motivated during Lent, but I think this Lent is going to be all about painful laboring, recovering, breastfeeding and pumping (yuck!), and sleepless nights.  Don't make me give up chocolate too!  I'm always looking for an out :)

Honestly though, instead of giving something up, I am going to try to include one significant prayerful thing each day - meaning more than grace and morning/bedtime prayers.  I think I am being called to focus on small steps this year and live my vocation more joyfully.  What about you?

Happy 1st Weekend in March!!


  1. Probs the fastest pregnancy ever!
    Well, maybe not for you! ; )

    Can't wait to meet the new little bundle...

    And I am on the Do something extra or Lent team...

    When I gave something up, it always seemed to overshadow everything else... like I was a Pepsi addict waiting for my next fix...

    That's just me though...

    Enjoy those last few tumbles from inside... : )

  2. Oh! Love this one! Thanks for the shout out.
    I loved the blog pics from the shared bdays too. And I wanted to comment on it because I was cracking up at the 3 on the cake. 3 and nothing… hysterical! But you'll always be 29, just like me.
    Maybe someday we'll get to celebrate our bdays on a beach somewhere warm… here's dreaming!
    And you are looking soooo cute - how is that possible??!!
    That bracelet seems awesome! You are getting to healthy for me, missy!

  3. You are by far one of the cutest pregnant women ever! That is all :)

  4. You look super duper great! Christine..for a name!!! or Chris Martin??? oh that is the singer of Cold Play..guess not?? Waiting and waiting for that baby to come!

  5. You look great as usual! And I love baby bump photos with hands on the belly. And I love the photo in #7. This whole pregnancy has felt like Lent to me and I'm having a hard time deciding what to do. Although, like Billie Jo, I typically add something instead of withholding from something....

  6. 1. My birthday is March 13th feel free to have your bebe on my birthday. It's a Thursday, my favorite day to give birth (3 out of 4 so far). 2. My friend just did a blog post on Fitbit and I decided to get one once I'm not pregnant but hmmm maybe I should get one now?????

  7. So. Tired. Of. Winter!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh, your lent is bringing new life into the world, juggling it all, and surviving. That should be enough without feeling any good old fashioned Catholic "guilt" :)


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