Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Big Purse Dump

This is my winter purse:

It's okay, but a little "cutesier" than I envisioned when I ordered it online.  I can't wait to go back to my Spring purse:
Easter 2013

Here's what's inside.  Related: I am so embarrassed.

The Categories

1) Paper Stuff:

Napkins, a to-be-delivered birthday card, an appointment card, some bday gift cards, receipts and coupons.

 2) The Essentials:

Wallet, phone,car/home keys, husband's spare car remote, work keys.

 3) Jewelry, or I Can't Believe I Have So Many of These in My Purse:

In my defense, I take my jewelry off after work, on my way to the gym and put it in my purse.
But, I'm guilty as charged for not taking it out of said purse for a looooong time.  Which comes in handy when I am running late one morning and can accessorize in the car.

4) Randoms or What is That Doing in There?:

This is where it gets real...real embarrassing.  I have an empty bottle of prenatals to remind me to buy more, a broken pair of sunglasses for the same reason, a leftover chicken finger from J-P's meal at a restaurant that he said he'd eat at home and we both forgot about, and a prescription eye ointment from when pink eye spread through my boys.
Tea from Mary, Tums for pregnancy heartburn, Tic Tacs for a treat, anti-anxiety meds that I hope I don't need but a "pill in the pocket" calms my nerves, tweezers for grooming on the go, a heart stone J-P gave me, and a coupon book for date nights!

 5) The Pretties:

Multiple lip lotions in the same shade, eye drops, mascara that I do not like but I do not like naked lashes even more, and hand gel that smells like Autumn.

 6) The Holies:

A beautiful rosary bracelet from Trendy Traditions and a magnet from my parish.
 Wow, I'm glad that's over and I now have a clean and organized purse with a lot less jewelry in it!  Go see Kendra Kendra and Krew for more!


  1. If it makes you feel any better, purse dump #46 found something arguably grosser than a chicken nugget. :0)

  2. WOW!!!!! You have a lot of stuff crammed in that tiny purse! And I love the chicken finger.

  3. Holy cow, you got a lot of stuff in there! Your purse looks pretty dainty from the picture, but I'm impressed! I'm afraid of my purse right now, there is too much to wade through . . .

  4. How on earth did you have all of that stuffed in there? And the jewelry/earrings..whoa. I found this purse dump especially insightful. My purse is so pathetic that I wouldn't even post it. Mostly because about 97% of the time I have the diaper bag so my purse is kind of minimalist. BUT....I'm on the hunt now for a new purse since I've had a diaper bag for three years now and I am feeling like I can finally have just a diaper along with me and not a bazillion other 'baby' things. Which is a good thing, but also sad thing that my babies aren't really babies any more.

  5. The chicken finger made me laugh! I totally do that with kid food. I had a hot dog in my purse for a portion of today.


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