Friday, August 29, 2014

7 QT: The Week from Down Under

Amen that this week is finally coming to a close.  Hello 3 day weekend!  Joining Jen for 7QT.

I'm not on Facebook or Twitter (and I'm actually thinking of stopping the blog because I don't seem to have time for any quality writing anymore) so I don't know if you all already know this song, but I just love it.

AAAAHHHHHH!  I wrote this post on Thursday, went to link it up to Jen's on Friday and saw we had both written about the same song.  Great minds or what?

 My Dad went through surgery great and came home this week.  That's the good news!

Now for the bad news.  Our nanny's daughter had a baby, which would make our nanny a grandmother for the first time.  So exciting!  But, it means she has decided to help her daughter out with the baby and has taken the last 2 weeks off and will take next week off also.  This means we have been scrambling for childcare right at the beginning of school when we can't be asking for time off.  And because my Dad is recovering from surgery and my mom is taking care of him, we can't ask them.

Fortunately I have sisters who have helped me out all last week.  But it meant me going into work an hour late and then having to stay an hour late each day to make up the time.  And work has been incredibly busy for me, c'est la vie.


I was trying to breastfeed Declan until 6 months, but my supply has dwindled this week (probably stress and exhaustion related) and he is getting more bottles of formula.  Now when I go to breastfeed him, he starts gnawing on my nipple like he would a bottle, and since he's teething that's no fun at all.  I think my breastfeeding time is coming to an end sooner than I wanted.  I know breast is best, but so is Mom being with Baby all day, and I haven't quite figured out how to be a full time working mom and breastfeed exclusively.  He'll be 5 months old on Tuesday, and I feel pretty good about the run we had.

Soccer season is starting next week!  Four kids playing this year, which means 4 different teams, 4 different games (all on Saturdays) and 4 different practices during the week.  Do you think it's rude if I just call all their coaches and ask them to all make practice on the same day at the same time to fit my schedule?  Kidding, sort of.

Ok, enough whining.  In the big scheme of things, I really have nothing to complain about.  I've got a great husband, awesome kids, a roof over our head and food in the fridge.  We are blessed. 

Have a great LAST WEEKEND OF AUGUST everybody!


  1. You can't quit the blog.
    That is all

  2. Don't give up the blog! I like hearing about how you manage life as a working mom of six. What a wonderful example of family living the Catholic faith. We don't have enough of those!

  3. I think 5 months is a great run! And I'm so glad to hear that your dad is doing well!

  4. Don't quit blogging! You a great encouragement!!! Also 6'2 is one of my favorite songs.

  5. you had a great run with breastfeeding. good job! I have always used bottles during the workday and nurse in the morning and night. scrambling for childcare is the story of my life :(.

  6. Ugh. All of those things are legitimate whines... and don't stress about breastfeeding. We all know that a happy not stressed mama is more best than breast. ;)

  7. I feel you on the breastfeeding, and I don't even have to leave the house (usually) for work. I saw a great lactation consultant who told me to nurse as much as is comfortable for me (read: not that often) and not to worry about my supply and to just use formula as needed, and that whatever amount of nursing I wanted to continue doing was great and fine and that weaning altogether was fine, too, but only if I was ready to. It gave me so much peace to realize I could just nurse in the morning and at night and give formula the rest of the time, and that it would be just fine.

    please don't stop blogging though!

  8. Please don't quit blogging!
    If it helps, I stay at home, but was still only able to breastfeed Sophie for 5 months because my supply dried up. It was disappointing, but better than nothing! Good for you for sticking with it as long as you did, I'm sure it got inconvenient to pump at work sometimes!

  9. I will give you no grief for either A) quitting blogging nor B) being done breastfeeding. You know that I don't do either of them well. ha! But, just in case ya didn't notice, I haven't written anything decent on my blog in 3.5 years. Do the math and you'll figure out two of the main obstacles to my blogging demise. They, along with so many other needs/wants of others/family/myself/household, it just doesn't happen as often as I'd like/enjoy. When life takes a front seat, once meaningful things (like blogging) need to take a backseat for a while. In a recent conversation with bloggers, that was what was decided. Something else doesn't get our attention and time if blogging and commenting does.

    I hope things are better this week and you can figure out daycare and all the other things that are on your momma plate. Just think, less than two months and I'll be at your doorstep. YAY!!!

    ps....if the blogging does need to come to an end, you'll need to get on Facebook so we can keep in touch and we'll have to text more. That's my ultimatum. :O

  10. Don't stop the blogging! (Sing this to "Don't Stop Believing")


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