Wednesday, August 27, 2014

That's What He Said

"Got my new pack-pack!  And it has a buckle!"

During a quiet part of Mass on Sunday, I whispered to Alexander "You're being so good today!" and he shouted "AND MY UNDERWEAR IS DRY TOO!"

Speaking of potty training...whenever we ask him if his underwear is dry, his response is always "All Day!" no matter if it's the end of the day or 6:30 am.  He reminds me of this guy:

Any person that comes to our house: "Why is he in his underwear?"
Xander: Because I'm on the Potty Train!

Unrelated Feeding of the Ducks photo.

Once we finally arrived at Plymouth Rock, Xander yelled:

"Why we lookin' at a wock?"

And finally...
Our babysitter (who's back in started doing this trick to get Alexander to go to bed for her.  She called it "Chinese Tuck-In" and would tuck him in like an egg roll while making karate sounding noises.  Hey, whatever gets the job done.  Here's Xander trying to show me what Chinese Tuck In sounds like (yes he's in his underwear):


  1. "Why we lookin at dis wock?" HAHAHAHAHA! My kids wondered the same thing when we went there several years ago.

  2. Ha! My husband and I use that Schmidt quote all the time. And we just saw some FUS friends at a wedding, one of whom did the Chinese tuck-in with us. It was both hilarious and terrifying! haha!

  3. Bahahaha!! I'm dying about the dry underwear comment at Mass! Toddlers are too fun!

  4. hahaha love it! When my oldest was potty training he would tell us he had to "poop" anytime he needed to just used the restroom. That was always fun to have him shout "I NEED TO POOP" in the middle of Mass....


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