Friday, February 27, 2015

7 QT on the Last Friday in February! (We made it!)


My oldest baby turned TWELVE this week!

His brothers teased him - "Oh, you're three years old?"

John-Paul got a stylus for his Kindle Fire...

A locker organizer for school...

I promise, he asked for these gifts!

A chess set and book from Nana & Gramps...

And finally, a nongeeky present for our favorite little geek...

He was so thrilled, and his brothers are so jealous because *new rule alert* you have to be 12 to use one in this house.


Since J-P and I share a birthday, we are supposed to decide together what we want the birthday meal to be.  But of course, I let him choose it.  And in turn, he picks my favorite meal.  Birthday buddies are the best!  So Phil made us an easier weeknight version of chicken cordon bleu with rice and broccoli...


Phil ordered us this big cookie cake for dessert, bought some ice cream, and made homemade hot fudge and whipped cream...

We celebrate birthdays even in case you were scandalized.  Sorry not sorry, you can't choose your birthday!


Alexander made me this rainbow card, and I was so proud of his little 3 year old handwriting!  He writes his name as Alex, because it's what the teachers call him in school.  Plus, 4 letters for the win!  He thought the day of our birthday meant a no-school day, so he was disappointed when we loaded in the car to go to school, but the birthday donuts on the way lifted his spirit!

Such a little stinker :)


Daffodils on the table.  That means Spring is near!!!!  Although we literally have 4 feet piles of snow, so I'm not sure how long it will take us to see the grass.

My favorite flowers.

New dress and first time I've ever worn a belt, 36 will be a year of trying new things, I hope...


Last night we all went to the boys basketball game (they have 4 this week!) and one of my friend's commented that Declan didn't even seem bothered by the loud buzzer and noisy crowd.  I told her it's not much different than home.  #sixthbabyproblemz

What?  I couldn't hear you over all the noise!

He's developing quite a funny personality...

Can't believe he'll be 11 months old in a few days!


Groupon has a good deal right now on one of the inns we like to stay in when we go to North Conway, NH.  So I snatched it up for an end-of-the-school-year-but-before-Phil-starts-summer-camp vacation.  I can not wait for warm weather and some fun OUTDOOR family time!  North Conway is my happy place, but after two nights in a loft with 6 kids, I'll probably be like:


What color(s) is this dress?

I can't believe all the media coverage this is getting, but my husband and I see completely different colors!  So weird!

Now go have a lovely last weekend in February, and quit yer whining!



  1. What a wonderful treat to share a birthday with your firstborn!
    Pls share the easy cordon bleu recipe -- been on a hunt for an easy, delicious version! I want to try yours :)
    happy birthday you two!

  2. Love that dessert that you guys had! Looks so yummy! And how cute is that little "ALEX"?

    And I see gold and white. I can't wait for Dan to get home to see what he sees. I woke up this morning and this was all over my Facebook and Instagram feeds. The internet was apparently very busy while I slept.

  3. Yes, please share that recipe! It looks like you guys had a fun birthday!

  4. That dress looks so cute on you. I love it with the belt! Happy belated birthday to you and your son:)

  5. I have the only lent birthday so you better believe we celebrate!

  6. I see blue and Jeremy sees white. I told him, the only important thing is that I'm RIGHT (seriously, the dress in real life is blue).

    Also, I wish I'd had you cheering me on to celebrate my lenten birthday growing up...I always felt so guilty even THINKING about asking for a chocolate cake, since it was what I always gave up! Happy Birthday you two!

  7. What a fun birthday! the dessert looked out of this world! I want to jump up and make some cookies and ice cream right now! And I can't believe how big John Paul is... can you believe you have a pre-teen??? You definitely don't look old enough, that's for sure! ;)


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