Monday, February 23, 2015

Merino Kids Sleep Sack, A Review

Declan was asked to review the Merino Kids sleep sack, and since he doesn't have too many obligations at the moments, he happily agreed.  We chose the sleep sack in the Banbury design, and it fit like a charm:

I agreed to what?

What's that, Declan?  You have a question?

But what's it made of?

Glad you asked!  The Merino Kids Sleep Sack is made from soft, superfine Merino Wool covered by organic cotton.

Raise the roof for luxurious comfort!!

I know, I couldn't believe how soft and comfy it felt either!  

But what happens when you want to transport me straight to the carseat from the crib?

Another good question from my genious 10 month old.  On those busy mornings when we're running out the door into the freezing cold winter, we can just leave you in it and the sack is specially designed that we can buckle you up without removing it.

Soft AND safe?  These people thought of everything!
 I know, right?!?  And they come in lots of colors and sizes, see for yourself on their website.  (Side note, if we ever have another baby, their swaddle that can go from carseat to crib looks amazing!)

And the best part of the deal?  He fell right asleep!!


  1. Cool! What an awesome oppourtunity for Declan! He looks great in it too. They're a little out of my price range but I bet they stand the test of time.

  2. I have been eyeing these - love them!

  3. Thanks for the review, Declan. I'll keep this in mind should I ever need one again. Thank you for taking the time to review such a stylish product. Your smile is absolutely adorable and your hand wave, you kinda look like the Pope. Very cute.

  4. How does the buckling into a car seat part work?

    1. There's a hole in the sleep sack that you can stick the bottom carseat buckle through. Pretty neat!


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