Monday, November 30, 2015

Soufeel: A Review

It's Cyber Monday, have you done your online shopping yet?  If not, then head over to Soufeel for their great sales .  I just received my new charms and looooove them!  

I have to admit that the gorgeous box it arrives in makes the bracelet feel extra special!

I chose the vintage camera, blue vinca flower, the adorable snowman, plum flower, and one to celebrate marriage (similar).

The bracelet is here, make sure to order about 2 cm bigger than your wrist size because as you load up the charms, it gets tighter.

Santa wanted you to check out there beautiful collection of Christmas charms to help him out and give his elves a break ;)

Besides, a new Soufeel charm bracelet for Christmas makes the perfect jewelry accessory for New Year's Eve :)

Happy Shopping, I really think this will be a great gift for your daughter, mother, aunt, sister, friend, wife (if any man is reading) or you can always treat yo' self.  You deserve it!

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