Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Maggie Moo's Big Days

Being the only girl in the middle of a gaggle of brothers must be hard.  I have to remind myself of that often as tears and whining and complaining often come from her direction.  So when we have a chance to do something special just for Maggie, she revels in it.  This weekend, she went to her friend's birthday party at a stable, where they rode horses:

...and painted one too.  Yup, painted a horse!  I would say that's a horse of a different color, wouldn't you?

The next day, I took her to have her ears pierced to celebrate her upcoming First Reconciliation.  She was so nervous!!!  I reminded her that we had done this before, when she was a baby.  "Yeah and I screamed and cried", she replied.  


She handled it much better 7 years later :)

We picked big diamond "duds" as she calls them.

Her godFather came over for dinner that night to bring her an early birthday gift (an American Girl gift card..she's getting closer to having Maryellen within her grasp!)

Can someone please remind me to use my REAL camera so I don't have blurry photos forevermore?  Geesh.

Last night, my sweet and sassy little girl had her 1st Reconciliation!  Once again, she was so nervous.  

As soon as she had made her penance, we went outside and I gave her  huge Clean Soul hug and kiss and she said "That was a lot easier than I thought!"  #spreadtheword

We went and got ice cream because I will give my kids a treat every.single.time they go to Confession, not a bribe, just a reward!

Just look at that beautiful smile, all sin-and-fancy-free!


  1. Congratulations to Maggie!! I love that idea of giving them a treat every time! I need to do that :)


  3. Aw, look at that beautiful clean soul and those adorable pierced ears. (Ice cream and ear piercing is how my girls celebrate their first reconciliation, too.) Congratulations, Maggie!!!

  4. How soon can I get Malia's ear pierced and do you recommend doing it for babies?
    Also- Maggie is just adorable. Simply adorable. I love the only girl in a crew full of boys thing. Honestly, I think it's the makings of the coolest girls :)

  5. Sounds like Maggie has been living the good life! I think that is a good idea to reward them after confession. I will have to remember that.

  6. Congratulations on this wonderful Sacrament!

  7. What a lucky girl. Clean soul, diamond "duds" and ice cream? The best.

  8. Congrats again, Maggie! I love to see that sweet smile. And, I must say that Fr. Dave knows how to treat his Goddaughter well. :) Hope you get Maryellen soon.

  9. Congrats to Maggie on her first confession and her newly pierced ears! Good choice on the diamond "duds"!!

  10. Beautiful. Congrats to Maggie.


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