Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Halftime Report

Lent is halfway over!  Woot woot!

So how's everybody doing?  Is it time to buckle down and try a bit harder or are you just smooth sailing right towards Easter this year?  This Lent has been good for me, not that I've been particularly good, but I keep getting opportunities to grow.  This past Sunday's Mass, for example, was a huge lesson in humility as Phil and I could not handle our two youngest offspring at all.  So much whiny crying, fussing, moving around, asking for snacks, dropping pacifiers, going to the restroom, falling off the pew.  I just kept thinking "How are we going to handle another one when we can't even handle these ones?".   I bet that's what everybody around us was thinking too.

Our house is also halfway done (I hope!). We are still not living at home, and I'm honestly not in a huge rush to get back.  My mom and I are playing the roles of sister-wives, taking turns cooking the family dinners, doing laundry, and caring for the kids.  I'm gonna miss it!  
Declan knows I can't do it alone!
Even though I am thee worst at interior design and making decisions, I *think* everything has been ordered and I'm feeling pretty good about it.  After seeing Sarah's gorgeous kitchen remodel, I got serious about choosing the island, counters, lights, and computer desks.  I finally stepped foot into the house this past weekend, and the kitchen area looks huge!  Yay!  I can actually foresee gathering around with my six 6'2 sons and 5'10 daughter when they are all grown up (they all turn out very tall in my head).  I remember looking around our kitchen and thinking that sure, they all fit in here now, but what would happen when they were all grown?  Now we can fit forever :)

Basketball season is winding down.  Eamon had his last regular season game last night, and now has tournament games with his travel team.  Andrew's playoff games are scheduled for this week and then he's done.  Maggie finished her season a few weeks ago and claims basketball is her new favorite sport.  Sorry soccer, you've been demoted.

 She will be competing in her first feis (an Irish dance competition) in May and is totally bummed that I will have to curl her hair in order to compete.  My only girl is so not girly.  The boys will be running track in the spring, and I need to find some swim lessons for Alexander so we can remove the floaties as he will be five this summer!  Whaaaaaaaaat?  How is he that old already?  How does he not know how to swim already?

Time just keeps on moving, and while I complain about the business and speed of life around here, it's so much better than the alternative.  I am so thankful to have so many people to love.  We just watched The Martian this weekend (so good!) and I would have just curled up and died if I were ever left alone like that.  Relationships and people to love = happiness.

And that's been your halftime report, now back to the game of life!

P.S.  I have an Instagram giveaway going on this week.  You can win a saint charm and children's book from Tiny Saints in time for Easter!  Go enter here :)


  1. Halftime Report... cracking me up. I am glad your house is coming along. Wasn't Sarah's kitchen dreamy?! Oh my what 10 ft can do! Maggie is making me smile this morning, she's so anti-doing her hair!

  2. I am glad to hear the kitchen reno is going well. I can't wait to see it!


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